Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tense Situation Occurred At US Embassy Due To A Protest Campaign

A tense situation has occurred near US Embassy in Colombo this noon when a group of protestors belongs to an organization called "National Organization Collective "have protested against the visit of special envoy of American State Department Stephen J Rapp who has stated that thousands of civilians were killed in 2009 due to shelling of Sri Lankan Army in Northern Province.

US Special Envoy Rapp has also issued some photos to the "Twitter"what he claimed as  the killing of civilians due to shelling of Army in 2009.

Police Inspector Has Been Arrested For Accepting Rs.75,000 Bribe From A Person

A Police Inspector attach to Fort Police Station has been arrested by bribery or corruption commission today(09) for accepting Rs.75,000 from a person who is not behaved well to not take any legal action against him.the errant Police Inspector has taken Rs.12,000 out of the promised Rs.75,000 from the person who behaved badly  and got arrested by bribery commission officers while accepting the remained Rs.63,000 from the Said person.

Even the errant Police Inspector has taken the national identity card belongs to the person who behaved badly to cover his acts it has been revealed.

Italian Boy Escapes Brown Bear