Wednesday, July 1, 2015


One Out Of Every Five Persons In Sri Lanka Suffering From High Blood Pressure And One Out Of Every Ten Suffering From Diabetes -Dr.Susie Perera

One out of every Five Sri Lankans  suffering from High  Blood Pressure  and One out of every Ten Sri Lankans suffering from Diabetes according to the Director of Organizing Development of the Health Ministry Dr.Susie Perera.

More than 25% of the Sri Lankan Population suffering from High Blood Pressure and 10% of the  persons over 20 years old in the country suffering from Diabetes Dr.Perera has stressed.

Due to the unhealthy food habits and life styles the number of persons suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes in the country are on the increase she has stressed.Due to these diseases more and more people are suffering from non communicable diseases like Heart Diseases,Stroke and Kidney Diseases Dr.Perera has revealed .

To Control the spreading of these non communicable diseases in the society the Health Ministry has introduced Super-8 Targets for the people  including reducing the daily consumption of Sugar,Reducing Salt Consumption ,Reducing Trans Fat Consumption ,Engage in healthy exercises like walking daily,Checking Blood Sugar Level annually and consuming vegetables and fruits daily
 .A Healthy Festival to introduce these Super-8 Targets for  the people is scheduled to be held in  04th of July at Bombuwala Dr.Susi Perera has said.


We have something that holds us together
Something that made us both better
Something called being a friend
It makes the fun never end
And it helps me to know that when
I am down and blue
Because you're my friend
I can count on you
We run through life without a care
Would anyone try to part us?
They wouldn't dare
And when the time comes for me to go
I really want for you to know
That even though my life has come to an end
I will never stop being your friend

Sri Lankan Male Was Arrested At The Air Port For Attempting To Smuggle Foreign Currency Out Of The Country

The Air Port Custom Officers have arrested a Sri Lankan Male this morning at the Katunayake International Air Port for attempting to smuggle US Dollars 85,000 illegally out of the country.

The 59 year old suspect who is a resident of Rajagiriya ,Colombo have arrested at the Air Port  while he was awaiting to board a flight to Singapore .

Former President Mrs.Chandrika Kumaratunge too Show Her Willingness To Contest In Forthcoming Election

The Former President and one of the senior advisers of present government Mrs.Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge has said today(01)that she too will consider to contest in the forthcoming Parliamentary Election if the former president Mahinda Rajapkashe is willing to contest so.

Answering to a question raised by a media personal While attending a religious ceremony at Siriwardanramaya in Gampaha District(Western Province) today(01)to mark her 70th Birthday ,Mrs.Kumarathunge has questioned  that "If the Former President Mahinda can contest in the election  ,Why shouldn't I  ".


Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Has Said That He Will Contest In The Forthcoming Election

The former president Mahinda Rajapakshe has today (01) said that he will contest in the forthcoming Parliamentary Election and contribute to form a new government,Addressing at his house in Madamulana (Hambanthota District in Southern Province) to a crowd mostly brought by some of the previous parliamentarians from Colombo  to support him ,the former president has said that he cannot turned down the requests made to him by  so many people to contest in the forthcoming election.

The Economic Progress that has been stalled will be rebuild Former President Rajapakshe has stressed.

Meanwhile the President Maithripala Sirisene has  earlier said that former president will not be named as the prime ministerial candidate of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) which chaired by him but he will contest under the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ticket for the election.

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