Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Love Heals Depression?


Police Have Arrested A Person With 3.8 Mili Meter Revolver In His Possesion

Police Officers attached to Western Province North
range Crime Division today (21)arrested  a person with special 3.8 mili meter Revolver and 163 bullettes in his posession at Paliyagoda (Western Province)area.

The suspect believed to be a friend  of the underworld leader late Minuwangoda Jeevan who was shot and killed by Special Task Force (STF) officers at Matara last year (2015).

The arrest was made as per an information received by the Western Province North Range Crime Division.

Special Commodity Levy Imposed On Imported White Sugar Increased By Rs Six Per Kilo Gramme

Government has increased special commodity levy
imposed on imported white sugar by Rs.six per kilo gramme with effect from last night (20) according to the Ministry Of Finance .

Accordingly the special commodity levy imposed on White Sugar has been increased to Rs.13 per kilo gramme from Rs.7 per kilo gramme.

However due to the increase of special commodity levy the retail price of white sugar not affected and consumers are able to purchase the kilo gramme of imported white sugar for the controlled price Rs.95.

Four Persons Were Arrested At Seethawaka Area Over Illegal Gem Mining

Four persons were arrested by the Special Task Force
personal in Thalduwa at Seethawaka-Salawa area (Colombo)over involving in illegal gem minining it has been reported.

The police personal have also taken into custody the eqiupment used by the suspects  for gem minining .

The four suspects along with the equipment were handed over to the Awissawella Police for future course of action.


love care and friends quotes සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල

අදාළ රූපයඅදාළ රූපය 

Sri Lanka Navy Arrested Twelve Indian Fishermen While Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

indian fishermen in sri lanka waters සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලSri Lanka Navy Officers have today(21)arrested 12 Indian Fishermen while engaging illegal fishing in Sri Lankan waters off South Of Thalaimannar(In Northern Province) .

Navy Officers had also taken into custody two Indian fishing trawlers during the raid.

The arrested fishermen and trawlers had been handed over to the Department Of Fisheries in Mannar for future course of action.

Customs Officers Seized A Stock Of Foreign Cigarettes Worth More Than Rs.75 Million

illegal cigarettes සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලSri Lanka Customs Officers had today(21) seized a stock of 1.3 million Foreign Cigarettes worth more than Rs.75 million and illegally brought to the Country at Orugodawatte(Colombo) container yard.

The stock of seized Foreign Cigarettes has been brought from China through the Ship MSC Erika on 05th of December and the stock was hidden in 57 spring mattresses stored at a 20 foot container according to the Customs.A further investigations on the incident are being carried out by the Customs.

Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association To Recommend The Canteen Owners To Prepare Lunch Packs According To Health Ministry Module And Reduce The Lunch Prices

sri lnaka helath ministry's rice plate module on little rice more vegis සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලIf the Canteen/Hotel Owners and Lunch Pack suppliers can prepare Lunch Packs according to the module recently introduced by the Nutrition division of Ministry Of Health which recommends three quarters of the Rice Plate should be filled with  vegetables /cereals and fish or poultry and only one quarter should be filled with Rice ,the price of a Lunch Pack can be reduced according to the President of Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association Dr.Renuka Jayathissa.

Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association is due to meet Canteen Owners Unions next January to make them aware on preparing Lunch Packs according to the module introduced by the Health Ministry ,Dr.Jayathissa has stated.

If it succeeds  the price of Lunch Packs can be reduced in near future she has said.

"At the moment People in our society getting used to eat more rice and less vegetables/cereals/fish and poultry products .To make people healthy they should be aware on the need of consuming little rice with more vegetables/cereals and also fruits " Dr.Jayathissa has stressed.

To spread the news on the newly introduced Rice Plate among public the  Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association has planned to use Private Buses and Three Wheeler with the help of Private Bus/Three Wheeler owners she has further stated.

All Ceylon Canteen Owners Association has increased the price of a Lunch Pack by Rs.10 with effect from this week and stated that the decision has taken due to the escalating prices of Rice in local market.



Types of Cereals We Should Consume:

Rice,Brown Rice,Maize,Wheat,Barley,Sorghum,Oats,Rye





Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

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