Saturday, August 11, 2018



A Loss Of Around Rs.70 Million Incurred Due To The Railway Strike

Due to the ongoing Island Wide 
Railway Strike Sri Lanka Railways Department has incurred a loss of profit   around Rs.70 million during last few days.

Around 300 train services operated daily had been cancelled due to the Strike launched by Few Railway Trade Unions representing Railway employees including  Engine drovers,Train Guards and Station Masters since last Wednesday (08)evening.

Colombo Fort Railway Station had been closed as a result of the strike and commuters are not allowed to enter the station due to safety of the property it has been revealed .

Only a fuel transport Train had been operated to Katunayake today it has been reported.

Meanwhile although the Striking trade unions had earlier decided not to operate special train services from Colombo Fort Railway station from today (11) the unions have later changed their decision as per the requests made by authorities and decided to.operate the special train services according to reports.

The Railway Trade Unions have decided to continue their strike till their demand is met.

Two Sri Lankans Had Been Arrested With Ten Gold Biscuits

Two Sri Lankan Air Passangers had
been arrested by the Airport Customs yesterday (10)while attempting to smuggle ten Gold Biscuits to Sri Lanka at the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport .

The estimated value of the Gold Biscuits taken in to custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.6.5 million.

The two suspects who are of the ages 43 and 44 years old are residents of Colombo and Mahabage areas .

They are due to be produced before the courts.

President Had Appointed A Five Member Consultant Committee To Examine Sri Lanka- Singapore Free Trade Agreement

President Maithripala Sirisena had  appointed a five member Independent Consultant committee headed by the former Vice Chancellor of University of Colombo and retired professor of Economics Professor D.D Lakshman to examine the proposed controversial Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement.

The Consultant Committee is due to be collected proposals and suggestions from various sectors of the society regarding the agreement  and submit a report to the President  within two month period.

All factions of the society will be able to submit their proposals and suggestions  to the Committee regarding the Sri Lanka-Singapore free trade agreement it has been announced. 

A Person Was Arrested With 10.700 Grammes Of Heroin

A 24 year old person had been arrested 
by the Police officers attached to Crimes Division in Paliyagoda with 10.700 Grammes of Heroin possession at PALIYAGODA yesterday  (10).

The suspect a resident of Kelaniya area is due to be produced before Hulftsdorf Magistrate Court.


Governor Of Western Provincial Council Had Suspended Importing Of Highly Expensive Chairs For The Council

The Governor had decided to suspend the decision as per recommended by the Western Provincial Council MP representing Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Lakshman Nipunaarachchi .

The JVP Councilor had requested the Governor Nanayakkara to suspend the tender of importing highly expensive chairs from  Belgium as it's a total waste of money .

Twenty Seven Indian Fishermen Who Had Illegally Entered Sri Lankan Waters Were Arrested

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested around
27 Indian Fishermen who had illegally entered Sri Lankan territorial waters in  Jaffna yesterday  (10).

The group of Indian Fishermen who has arrived in  four boats from Rameshwaram port in Southern India were later handed over to the Fisheries Inspectors office in Jaffna for further investigations by the Navy.

Lanka Indian Oil Company Too Due To Increase The Prices Of Petrol And Diesel

Lanka Indian Oil Company (LIOC) has decided to increase the prices of Octane-95 and Euro Four-Super Diesel with effect from midnight tonight (11) as per the price formula introduced by the government.

Accordingly the price of a Liter of Octane-95 Petrol will be increased by Rs.2 from Rs.158 to Rs.160 and the price of a liter of   Euro Four Super Diesel will be increased by Rs.1 from Rs.129 to Rs.130 .The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC)had increased the prices of Octane-95 Petrol and Super Diesel with effect from midnight last night.

However prices of other varieties of Petrol and Diesel will not be increased according to (LIOC).



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