Thursday, July 13, 2017


A 26 Year Old Female Committed Suicide In Kaththankudy

A 26 year old female had committed suicide by hanged
herself in Arayampadi area,Kaththankudy according to the Kaththankudy police.

Police have recovered the body on Thursday (13)morning as per an infotmation received from a person.

The cause of the suicide not yet been revealed.

Police Have Arrested 41 Students In Madirigiriya Over Cutting Their Hands And Bodies

Madirigiriya police have arrested 41 grade 10 and 11
students (Both male and female)attached to a school in Madirigiriya ,Polonnaruwa on wednesday (12) over cutting their hands and bodies severely  through blades and school instruments in their class  after consuming a narcotic.

After strictly warned, the students were handed over to their parents by the police.

After seeing an unusual behaviour of these students the deputy principal of the school had checked the students and found that they cut their hands and bodies .Police have arrested the students as per the information received through the deputy principal.

A special police team in Polonnaruwa had begun an investigation on the incident.


Three Carraiges Of A Night Mail Train Derailed In Upcountry Railway Track-Three Persons Were Injured Due To A Stampade

Three persons including two females were received
minor injuries and hospitalized due to a stampade occurred after the derailment of a sleeping berth and  two carriages attached to a night mail train between Hatton and Kotagala on Thursday(13) morning.

Three careaiges were  toppled over due to the derailment and injured have been admitted to kotagala hospital for treatment.

The derailment was occurred near the 60 foot bridge between Hatton and Kotagala and due to this two night mail trains scheduled to run tonight on upcountry railway track had been cancelled and all other trains have been restricted in the upcountry railway track from Colombo to Hatton and Badulle to Kotagala it has been announced.

It will take two weeks to fix the derailed carraiges according to maintenance engineers.

After the derailment the remained carriages had run to it's destination through an extra engine it has been reported.

A crane is being used to fix the derailed carraiges .

Meanwhile due to the derailment the bridge near the area too got damaged it has bedn revealed.

A Private Bus Was Set On Fire After Five Persons Injured Due To A Vehicle Collision

A private bus was set on fire by a group of angry
residents after five persons were injured and hospitalized due to a private bus-Three Wheeler-Motorcycle collision in Weliyaya,Monaragala early this morning (13).

Five persons travelling in a Three Wheeler and a Motorcycle were injured and admitted to the Monaragala District Hospital after the vehicles colliding with a private bus travelling from Ampara to Colombo.

The injured are residents of Siyambalanduwa and Wellawaya areas.

As the private bus was set on fire by thr angry residents in the area after the accident ,the bus was severely damaged and the driver and conductor of the bus escaped after fled away from the area it has been revealed.

However later M8naragala police have arrested the bus driver regarding the accident .Two police teams are investigating on the accident and the damaging of the bus according to police.

SAITM Will Not Be Taken Over By The Government-Health Minister

The private medical collage in Malabe (SAITM)will not
be taken over at all by the government Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated today (13)in kandy.

Addressing a press briefing held in Kandy Teaching Hospital during his visit there Minister has stated that if the SAITM taken over by the government then no foreign invester would come here to invest .

Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA)are demanding that SAITM be taken over by the Government while Intet University Students Federation is demanding to abolish the SAITM.


Foreign-Mother surprised by her late son's heart recipient


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Due To The Protest Campaign Of Pepper Farmers Many Roads Including Colombo Have Blocked

Around 1000 pepper farmers have today (13) protested by blocking the Embilipitiya-Ratnapura main road from Pallebadda,Thunthota junction over dropped pepper prices in the market.
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Due to the protest Colombo,Kegalle,Awissawella,Balangoda,Kandy and Kegalle roads from Embilipitiya had completely blocked for several hours it has been reported.   

The protesting pepper farmers of Ratnapura and Kolonna areas have stated that due to the importation of pepper by the government local pepper prices have been dropped to Rs.150 per Kilo Gramme from Rs.500 per Kilo Gramme.

Kalpitiya Police Have Arrested Three Persons With 23 Bags Of Banned Pesticides

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Kalpitiya Police have today(13) arrested three persons with 23 bags of banned Pesticide contained banned substance "Glyphosate" stored in two boats in Paniadiya area.

The stock of banned pesticides had been imported from India secretly  and  the three suspects were prepared to distribute these banned pesticide at the time of the arrest according to the Police.

The stock of banned pesticides taken into custody in possession of the suspects worth around Rs.5 million  and contained higher amount of Glyphostate the Police have stated.

President Of BOI Upul Jayasuriya Has Resigned From His Post

Image result for upul jayasuriyaThe President of the Sri Lanka Board Of Investment(BOI) President Counsel  Upul Jaysuriya has been resigned from his post today(13) citing  personal reasons.

President Counsel Jayasuriya has served as the President of BOI for nearly tow and half years.

Hardy Technology Institute In Ampara Had Closed Until Further Notice

Image result for hardy instituteThe Hardy Advanced Technology Institute in Ampara had closed down temporarily today(13)until further notice due to a conflict occurred between the students of the institute and the management .
A tense situation has been occurred between the Students of the Hardy Institute and the management over security of the students this noon following the clash occurred between two groups of students of the Institute on 10th of July injuring 09 students.Police have  intervened the matter and settled the clash at that time .

Since that clash students of the Institute concerned on their security and the students had taken over  the Administrative building of the Institute including the Director  this noon as a protest it has been reported.

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