Friday, June 17, 2011

A Group Of Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers Deported By Britain Arrived This Morning

Around 40  Sri Lankan Tamil Asylum Seekers who fled to Britain and failed to get refuge there returned to Sri Lanka this morning after the British Government deported them back to Sri Lanka.

These Asylum Seekers were sent to Sri Lanka yesterday evening and the Air Craft carried them landed to Katunayake Air Port in Colombo this morning.They were handed over to the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) for clearance after they have been verified as Sri Lankans according to the sources..

An Asylum Seeker who tried to commit suicide after British Government has decided to sent them back to Sri Lanka are also among the group it has been reported.British Government earlier said that they have sent a group of 13 Asylum Seekers to Sri Lanka yesterday.

National Anti Mosquito Week On Searching Dengue Breeding Places Islandwide To Be Commence On Monday

The National Anti Mosquito Week declared by the Presidential Task Force On Dengue Prevention will commence this Monday(20th) and last up to 26th of this month.During this week Ministry of Health along with other Ministries planning to carry out  door to door inspection on Dengue Breeding Places in all Houses/Buildings/Schools/Govt.and Private Offices throughout the island.

According to the Ministry Of Health legal action will be taken against those who found  are having Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places in their Houses/Offices and other Institutions under the Mosquito Breeding Places.

The Police and the Officers attached to tri forces of the Army,Navy and Air Force too participate this door to door inspection on Dengue Breeding Places during the Anti Mosquito Week Health Ministry sources said.

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