Wednesday, September 14, 2011

US Asst.Secretary Robert O Blake Proposed To Deploying Tamil Police In Northern Sri Lanka

Visiting US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert O Blake today said in Colombo that the deploying of Tamil Police in the Northern Sri Lanka is important so there is no need for Sri Lankan Police to carry out these functions there.

Addressing the Journalists in Colombo today (14th) Mr,Blake has said that he was always concerned on the Human Rights situation in North especially regarding Rehabilitation and Re settlement process.Also US is very much concerned on attacks against Journalists he stressed.

US Assistant Secretary has also said that the Government needs to put an end to the Grease Devil Situation as the People in North are going through an Insecurity Situation due to this.

Chewing Of Betel Leaves Caused The Increase Of Oral Cancer Amongst Sri Lankans

The Oral Cancer among Sri Lankans are in increase due to the habit of  chewing betel leaves according to the Consultant in Community Dentistry attached to the National Cancer Control Programme Dr.Hemantha Amarasinha .Tobacco Leaves,Arecanut and Lime  which are using as sub ingredients  when chewing   Betel Leaves are also acting as Cancer Agents he stressed.

Due to this situation Dr.Amarasinha has appealed to the Sri Lankan Public to avoid of chewing Betel Leaves and the related ingredients  to prevent of getting Oral Cancer.Oral Cancer has identified as the number one Cancer amongst Male Population in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile International Researchers have found that the Cancer Agent  "Safrole " substance is contain in Betel Leaves.

According to the latest statistics 14.1 per 100,000 Male Population  and 3.8 per 100,000 Female Population  in Sri Lanka are having  Oral Cancer.1617 Oral Cancer Patients are identified in the year 2005 according to the Dr.Amarasinha.Except the habit of Betel Chewing the other factors identified as causing  spreading of Oral Cancer amongst the Sri Lankan Population are Smoking,Liquor Addiction ,Viral Infections in side mouth and the Sun Light he stressed.

First Corona Virus Patient Detected In USA 51194651