Friday, December 3, 2010

President Rajapaksha Returned To Island

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has returned to Island from London this eve with amidst cheers from his government MP's, Ministers and party supporters who were gathered at the Katunayake International Air Port to great him.

Buddhist,Tamil and Islam Priests too were there to blessed the President.

President Rajapaksha To Return Home This Eve

President Mahinda Rajapaksha is due to return to the country this eve  from London.According to the Government sources Government Ministers and Parliamentarians are arranged arousing welcome for the President at Katunayake International Air Port in Colombo.

Opposition Leader Proposed The Speeker To Appoint A Committee To Inquire MP Jyalath Jayawardena

The opposition leader Ranil Wikramasinha today proposed the speaker to appoint a committee to inquire whether the opposition MP Dr Jayalath Jayawardena is involved in protest held at London against Sri Lankan President.Opposition Leader has further said that If he is found not guilty in this inquiry government should release him with all  the allegations they made against him.

The chief government whip Minister Dinesh Gunawardena too agreed with the proposal.

Minister Weerawansha And Supporters Protest Infront Of British High Commission In Colombo

The leader of the National Freedom Front and Minister of Construction and Engineering Wimal Weerawansha and his supporters today marched towards the British High Commission in Colombo and hold a protest there to opposed the British government's failure to provide security for the visiting Sri Lankan President when he arrived London.

Manwhile the consular division of the high commission is reportedly as closed today for public.British High Commission in Colombo yesterday said that the British government has nothing do with the cancellation of the speech of sri alnkan president at oxford union as it is a private affair.

Controversial Opposition MP Made A Special Statement In Parliament While Government MP's Interfere

Opposition MP Dr.Jayalatah Jayawardena who  faced an assault from the hands of  top Government Ministers yesterday made a special statement in Parliament today and said that he is not a representative of Tigers and  was not involved the protests held by certain Tamil Group in Heathrow Air Port in London against the  visiting Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha on 29th of November.

He stressed that the day which protest held he was in Itlay and not in Britain.Commenting on the allegations and assult made against him by Government Ministers Dr.Jayawardene has said he will pray that no MP will   face such a false accusations and violation of human rights in the future,

When Dr Jayawardene made his speech several government MP's tried to interfere his speech which was prevented by the speeker chamal rajapaksha.The speeker advised several government Mp's and said if they continue this behaviour will not hesitstent to remove them from the house for a week.

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