Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sri Lankan Government Hospitals Faced A Severe Shoratge Of Gynecologists

Sri Lankan Government Hospitals having faced a severe shortage of Gynecologists according to the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA).GMOA Spokesman has said that at present there's a shortage of 85 Gynecologists in Hospitals while the Post Graduate Institute Of Medicine(PGIM) in Colombo having  passed only 5 Gynecologists per year.

At present there are only 180 Gynecology Doctors including consultants are  available in the Country which is not sufficient the spokesman has said.

While passing 5 Gynecologists per year the PGIM has failed around 50-60 Doctors who have selected Gynecology as their subject stream for Post Graduate Studies which cannot be acceptable the spokesman stressed.Due to  this  situation the Doctors are deterred to select Gynecology for their Post Graduate Studies he has  further added.

Meanwhile when contacted a Higher Official attached to  Ministry Of Health has said that the Ministry it self had already informed PGIM Authorities to increased the number of Gynecologists passing out from the Institute.

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