Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Aspirin" Major Bleed Warnings Over 75's


Railways Department Has Banned Individuals Walking On The Rail Tracks

The Railways Department has Re- enforced the law on
banning individuals walking on Rail tracks with effect from today (15).

A large number of persons including school children were  killed during last few weeks either after colliding with a train while taking  selfies on the rail track or by jumping in front of the train and committed suicide .

IDH Fever Hospital Has Suspended New Dengue Admissions Due To Excessive Number Of Dengue Patients In The Hospital

Due to an excessive number of Dengue Patients
warded  in the IDH  Fever Hospital , admission of new patients to the Hospital has been temporarily suspended  according to the Hospital sources.

Around 450 Dengue Patients have been reported as warded in IDH Fever Hospital at present and due to this situation Ministry of Health has decided to transfer the new Dengue Patients arrive in the hospital to the nearest hospitals like Thalangama,Wathara , Piliyandala ,Colombo National ,South Colombo Teaching (Kalubowila) and North Colombo (Ragama) Teaching hospitals.

Ministry of Health has also decided to combine the National,South Colombo and North Colombo Hospitals with IDH Fever Hospital in view of the present situation.Also high dengue intensive care units of the South Colombo and North Colombo Hospitals too due to upgrade the Ministry has stated.

Around 200 new hospital beds are due to purchase for the above mentioned hospitals in view of providing better treatment facilities for the rising number of dengue patients.

Eleven Imported Rice Varieties Tested For Plastic Proved Plastic Does Not Contains In Those Varieties

Research carried out on 11 samples of imported rice in
Rice Research Institute in Bathalagoda and Industrial Technology Institute in Colombo has proved that the plastic does not contain in  any of these samples and they are suitable for human consumption according to the Consumer Affairs Authority.

After the social media spreaded rumours that imported rice contains plastic and even can make balls from these rice varities after being cooked ,11 samples taken from the imported rice varities available  in  Lanka Sathosa outlets and other sales have been submitted for  research.

Meanwhile Lanka Sathosa has decided to complaint to the CID on  various groups and persons who spreaded false rumours stating  that Plastic rice entered into the local Market .



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Three Houses Damaged In Badulle Due To A Fire

Image result for fireThree houses in Viharagoda,Badulle have damaged  due to a sudden fire it has been reported.The fire was doused by the fire brigade in Badulle along with the residents of the area and Police.

The fire had erupted in a house and spread ed to two other houses according to the reports.The cause for the fire has not yet been  reveled.

Authorities Have Transferred The OIC Of Nanu -Oya After A Girl Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

Image result for accidentThe Authorities have temporarily transferred the OIC Of Nanu -Oya police to another Police Station after a heated argument occurred between the residents and the Police in Nanu-Oya area over the death of a small school girl who was killed after colliding with  of a Tipper Truck this morning(15).

Police Authorities are currently investigating on few other police officers regarding the way they handled the incident it has been reported.

A tense situation was occurred this morning after a six year old School Girl of radella area was killed following  colliding with a Tipper Truck at the time the  girl was crossing  the road through the pedestal crossing .

A 18 Year Old School Girl Had Commited Suicide By Jumping In Front Of A Train

Image result for suicideA 18 year old School Girl had committed suicide by jumping in front of a train traveled from Colombo Fort to Awissawella ,near the Kottawa Railway station last night (14).

The deceased School Girl was studied at a major Girls School in Colombo and due to sit for the G.C.E Advanced Level examination next  year. She had been identified as a resident of Pannipitiya.

The father of the deceased has stated that the death of her daughter is suspicious .

Grenfell Tower Inferno A 'Disaster Waiting To Happen' As Concerns Are Raised For Safety Of Other Buildings

Ministry Of Health To Launch A Programme On Cleaning Premises Every Friday A Week To Avoid Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

Image result for dengueMinistry Of Health has declared an island wide  programme on cleaning the premises of Public/Private institutes and Houses island wide during a one hour period  between 9.30 a.m to 10.30 a.m on every Friday of the week to avoid Dengue Mosquito breeding places .

The programme is due to launch from tomorrow (16)  and health workers and tri forces personal are due to visit premises to inspect the programme Health Ministry has stated.

Health Minister Requested The President To Implement A Proper Garbage Removal System With The Help Of Tri Forces And Police

Image result for health ministryMinister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has requested the President Maithripala Sirisena to declare an emergency disaster situation and implement a proper garbage removal  system for a two week period by deploying tri forces and police personal as a solution for  garbage removal  problem experienced in Colombo and other cities of the country.

Health Minister has made this request after considering the  Dengue Epidemic situation in  the country and it's link to the garbage collected in roads of many cities  .The request was made during a meeting held yesterday(14) with private sector representatives to getting their  support for the mosquito control programmes implemented by the Health Ministry.

During the meeting the Minister has stressed the need of  disposing and removing the garbage properly and the importance of public and local government bodies  to assisting the government in this regard .



London Fire Latest: Whole Families Unaccounted For Amid Search for Grenfell Tower Victims

The Biggest Tusker In Yala National Wild Park Was Killed By Another Tusker

Image result for yala national wild life park
The biggest tusker in the Yala National Wild Park  "Thilak " was attacked and killed by another tusker in the Park "Thani Dalaya " yesterday(14) during a fight occurred between them  it has been reported.

The deceased tusker was the oldest living tusker in the Yala National Wild Park as well and he was killed due to a wound occurred as a result of the attack of other tusker according to the wild life officials.