Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Government Hospital Nurses To Stage A Protest Campaign In Front Of 600 Hospitals

The Government Hospital Nurses have decided to launch an Island wide protest campaign in front of around 600 hospitals this Friday(17) by opposing the demand of government midwives to remove labor training given to Nurses at present .

Thousands of Hospital Nurses will join this protest campaign scheduled to be held in front of hospitals from 12 noon to 1 p.m on Friday according to Public Services Nurses Union and Government Nursing Officers Union.

Meanwhile Government Midwives Union has announced that around 3000 thousand of their members are scheduled to be launched an island wide token strike tomorrow (16)and will hold a protest campaign in front of the Health Ministry this morning as a protest to
labor training given to government hospital nurses.

Cabinet Has Approved A Proposal Of Importing Dairy Cows To Uplift Local Milk Indsutry

The Cabinet has approved a proposal of importing 20,000 Dairy Cows from Netherlands in view of uplifting  the local Milk Industry.the Cabinet has approved this proposal of importing cows presented by President Mahinda Rajapaksha as the minister of Finance government sources said. .these cows will be importing to Sri Lanka under a  loan scheme provided by a Dutch Bank  according to  Sources.

Under this cabinet proposal 4500 dairy cows to be imported from foreign countries and from this around 2000 cows already have been imported from Australia sources have added.

Virus Deadlier Then Corona Spreading In Kazakhstan -Chinese Embassy Claims virus/global/kazakhstan-denies-chinas-claim-of-new-deadly-virus/news-story/97c9fa18eeb28998adb65575...