Saturday, February 21, 2009

LTTE Killed Ten Chena Cultivators And Injured Dozens In Ampara District

Ten Chena Cultivators killed and dozens injured after LTTE Cadres attacked to a group of Chena Cultivators in Iginiyagala of the Ampara District yesterday.They were attacked while working in their fields.

LTTE Air Attack To Colombo A Suicide Mission-Sri Lankan Air Commander

Sri Lankan Air Commander Air Marshal Rohan Goonathilake refers the air attack carried out by the LTTE last friday was a suicide mission and a attempt similar to the 2001 September 11 World Trade Center attack in New York. LTTE pilots brought around 250 Kilo Grammes of Explosives for the Mission he urged.The Explosives including the Bombs sticked to the bodies of the LTTE Pilots luckily not exploded and it prevents a huge Disaster according to the Air Commander.It is revealed that one of the two Air Crafts came for the attack carried 130 Killos of Explosives.
The Magisterial Inquiry on the Crashed LTTE Air Craft in to the Katunayaka Area held yesterday and the samples were taken from the body of the deceased Pilot of the craft for DNA Test to identify whether he is a Sri Lankan or not.
Meanwhile the Sri Lankan government says the activities of the damaged Inland Revenue Department will commence soon.

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