Sunday, February 9, 2020

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A Coconut Manufacturing Mill Had Been Completely Destroyed Due To A Fire

A coconut oil manufacturing mill had
Been completely destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted in the mill in wee hours of this morning (09) according to reports .

The fire was later doused by the fire fighters attached to Gampaha Municipal Council, Army, Police and residents of the area .

The cause of the fire and the damage done due to it have not yet been revealed.

Two Youth Had Been Drowned Whilst Bathing in Mahaweli River

Two youth of the ages 21 and 23 years
had drowned whilst bathing in Mahaweli River at Atabage area this evening  (09).

The deceased youth had been drifted away by strong waves whilst bathing with five of their friends it has been revealed.

They were residents of the Batupitiya at Gampola area .

Storm Ciara Sweeps Across Europe


A Sudden Fire Erupted In Muthurajawela Reserve

A Sudden fire had  erupted at
muthurajawela reserve in Pattiyawala area in Uswetakeyyawa today (09)according to reports .

Firefighters along with the residents are engaged  in dousing the fire.

A similar kind of fire that had been erupted at Singimale reserve yesyetday (08) had been destroyed  around 25 acres of land belonging to the reserve it has been reported .

Immigration And Emigration Officials Deported An Iranian Couple With Fake Croatian Passports

Immigration and Emigration
Department officials had today (09)arrested and deported an Iranian couple who had attempted to fly to Europe via Sri Lanka with a fake croatian passports at the Katunayake International Airport .

The 39 year old Iranian merchant Naval officers and his 34 Year old iranian wife had arrived in Katunayake Airport from muscat ,Oman this morning and attempted to  fly to   Europe through the fraudulant documents .

After learning   that the couple hadn't  even completed filling the embarkation form Immigration and Emigration officials had questioned the couple on Croatia ,which  they have failed to answer  properly .

Later Officials have taken in to custody the fake Croatian passports in possession of the suspected couple and deported them back to muscat ,Oman where they have arrived in from .

JVP MP Sunil HandunnettI Has Been Re-Appointed As COPE Chairman

MP representing Leftist Janatha

Wimukthi Peramuna  (JVP) Sunil handunettI has  been unanimously  re-appointed as the Chairman of COPE  (Committe On Public Enterprises )last friday  (07) by the members of the committee .

MP.Handuneththi who was the chairman of previous COPE Committee lost the post as the President Gotabaya Rajapaskshe had Prorogued the parliament last december  .

Another 15 MP's representing all  political parties represented in Parliament  had been appointed as members of the  COPE Committee .

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