Monday, October 1, 2018


Two Persons Have Been Injured Due To An Accident In Southern Expressway

Two persons have been injured and
hospitalized after the Lorry they were travelling in veering off the road and toppled over as a result of an explosion of one of the tyres of the Lorry  near 22 nd Kilo Meter post of the Southern Expressway at North Kalutara area last night (01).

The injured Lorry Driver and other person in the Lorry were admitted to Nagoda Hospital for treatment.

A heavy traffic prevailed for few hours at the Southern Expressway towards Matara last night  due to the Accident.

The Lorry was transported vegetables from Dambulla at the time of the incident it has been revealed.. 

An Indian Youth Was Arrested With A Stock Of "Ice"Narcotic Last Morning (01)

Police Anti Narcotic Unit Officers
ateached to Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport have arrested a 22 year old Indian National with two parcels containing 484 Grammes of powerful "Ice" Narcotic in possession on his arrival at Katunayake Airport last morning (01).

The suspected youth arrived in from Chennai,South India has hidden the two Narcotic parcels inside of two fake bottoms of his luggage it has been revealed.

The estimated value of the stock of "Ice" Narcotic taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.5.8 million according to  Police Anti Narcotic Unit.

A Wild Elephant With Gun Shot Injuries Has Been Recovered In PenWewa Reserve

Around 25 year old Wild Elephant who

is in critical condition  with gun shot Injuries has been recovered in Penwewa reserve at Gonnoruwa ,Hambanthota area yesterday (01).

The Injured Elephant had received gun shot injuries to one of his legs and a veterinary medical staff attached to Udawalawa Ath Arthuru Sevana have arrived at Penwewa reserve  to treat the injured Elephant. 

Wild Life officers believes Hunters at the reserve may have responsible for the incident. 

Two Japanese War Ships Arrived In Sri Lanka On A Goodwill Tour

Two large Japanese War Ships "Kaga"and "Inazuma" have arrived in Colombo Harbor on last Sunday  (30)for a five day goodwill tour .

The Naval crews belonging to  two war ships anchored at Colombo Harbor are due to participate various events including goodwill sports events organized by Sri Lanka Navy during their stay in Sri Lanka.The Naval crews of the Ships are also due to meet Sri Lankan Navy Commander Vice Admiral Sirimewan Ranasinghe.

The two war ships are belonging to Japanese Maritime Self Defence  Force and out of the two ships "Kaga"ship which is the largest War Ship in Japan  is 248 meters long and equipped with four Helicopters which can chase after submarines. The ship has around 400 crew members .

The "Inazuma"Ship is 151 meters long and with 170 crew members.

On the way  Sri Lanka both ships have engaged in Naval exercises with Philippine, Indonesian and British war ships .

The two ships are due to depart from the island on 04th of October.

Ministry Of Agriculture To Provide A Fruit Cultivation Garden To Every School

Ministry of Agriculture is considering to provide a rare fruit cultivation garden each to every school throughout the Island from this month according to Minister Mahinda Amaraweera .

This step will be taken in view of popularising the fruit cultivation in the country it has been revealed.

Addressing a World Children's day event held in Colombo today (01)Minister Amaraweera has said that no previous government had managed to expand the fruit cultivation in the country .

Large Number Of Houses Have Been Destroyed Due To A Typhoon Blown Across Several Areas Of Puttalam

A large number of houses have been
damaged and transport activities in several Roads have been disrupted  due to a Typhoon blown across in several areas of Puttalam including Anamaduwa ,Madawakkulama ,Andigama and Buddigama areas this evening (01)according to Puttalam Disaster Management Center .

The highest damage occurred in Buddigama area .Due to the tree falls occurred as a result of the Typhoon power cut is prevailing in.the most areas and transport activities have been disrupted it has been revealed.

Relief teams are engaging in providing relief aid to people in.the affected areas.




A 70 Year Old Female Has Died Due To A Gas Cylinder Explosion

A 70 year old female has died due to 
burn injuries received as a result of exploding a Gas Cylinder in her Kitchen at Boragas area in Welimada last night (30) according to Welimada Police.

The deceased female who was a resident of Boragas in Welimada area had faced this incident when attempting to light the Gas Cooker it has been revealed.

Welimada Police are investigating on the incident. 

Price Of Hundred Weight Of Ice To Be Increased By Rs.30

Price of a hundred  weight  of Ice utilise by fishermen  will be increaed by Rs.30 in near future due to the rising production cost according to Ceylon Fisheries Corporation .

Accordingly the hundred Weight of Ice will be increaed as a result of  increasing prices of Ammonia Gas,Electricity, Water and diesel used for Ice production the Corporation has said.

The price of Ice manufactured in the Factories ar Galle and Anuradhapura will be increased in near future it has been revealed.

The Distance Which Can Be Travelled With Minimum Train Fare Has Been Reduced -Railways Department

Although the minimum Train fares have not been increased under the Train fare price revision which has been implemented with effect from today (01) ,The distance which could be  travelled  with  minimum fare has been reduced from 10 Kilo meters to 7 Kilo meters according to Railway authorities .
The minimum Train fare of Rs.40 in first class, Rs.20 in second class and Rs.10 in third class compartments of Trains have not been increased under the price revision of Train fares .



A Person Was Arrested With 1.01 Kilo Grammes Of Hashees Narcotic

Airport Customs have arrested a 37
year old person arrived at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Airport from Chennai ,India this morning (01) with around 1.01 Kilo Grammes of Hashees Narcotic in his possession.

The suspect who is a resident of Katugasthota area has hidden the stock of Narcotic in his luggage according to Airport Customs .

Airport Customs officers are further investigating over the incident .

Popular Sri Lankan Actor And Singer Ronnie Leach Has Passed Away

The Popular Sri Lankan Actor and Singer Ronnie Leach has passed away today  (01)due to a sudden heart attack whilst on a tour in Perth ,Australia.

The late Actor and Singer had arrived in Australia for a Musical Tour and participated a Musical show held in Perth last Saturday .He is due to arrive in  Sri Lanka this evening  .

Ronnie Leach who was popular due to his bold head has acted comic roles  in many Sri Lankan films and he was also a popular stage performer in Musical industry  .

Entered the local Music Industry as a singer in 1973 , Ronnie Leach has joined Super Golden Chimes Musical group created by late Clarence Wije wardana in 1981.

He was a resident of Dehiwala and his body is due to be brought to Sri Lanka shortly .

"May His Soul Rest In Peace".

Newly Revised Train Fare Prices Have Been Implemented From Today (01)

The newly revised Train fare prices are
being implemented with effect from today (01) for the  first time since ten years as per proposed from the 2018 annual budget proposals according to Department Of Railways.

Accordingly Train fares have been increased by 15 percent ,However the minimum train fare of Rs.10 will not be changed the Department has announced .

The price of a Train Season Tickets too has been increased . 


A 26 Year Old Female Was Arrested With A Stock Of Kerala Cannabis

A 26 year old female was arrested by
the Police with 1.620 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in her possession at Odarsinnakulam area in Vavuniya yesterday  (30).

The suspected female who is a resident of  Odarsinnakulam area has been arrested whilst attempting to transport the stock of Kerala Cannabis in a Motorcycle .

She is due to be produced before the court .