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Foreign-Indian Rape Victim, 10, Gives Birth By Caesarean Section

A Person Was Arrested With A Stock Of Foreign Cigarettes In Maradana

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Officers attached to the Narcotics Bureau had arrested a person with a stock of foreign Cigarettes while transporting them by a lorry on the pretext of cloths at Maradana area last night(16).

The value of the stock of Cigarettes imported from Dubai is estimated as around Rs.5 million.


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UNP MP's Heavily Criticized The Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapakshe During A Party Meeting

Image result for wijedasa rajapaksheA number of MP's in the working committee of the governing United National Party(UNP) had today(17) heavily criticized the Minister Of Justice and Buddha Sasana Wijedasa Rajapakshe around two hours over his actions which supported some of the previous government leaders  during a working Committee meeting held at "Sirikotha "today(17) it has been revealed.

Minister Wijedasa Rajapakshe who was a former member of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) had been heavily criticized over delaying the legal activities of those politicians of the previous regime who are accused over fraud and corruption  .

It has been reported that a group of back bench MP's attached to the governing UNP is preparing a no confidence motion against Minister Rajapakshe and now political sources have stated that Minister himself will be resigned from his Ministerial Portfolio over the current situation he is in and will be seated  in  the back bench of the Parliament.

Two Persons Were Killed And Two Injured Due To A Motor Car Accident

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Two persons were killed and two others injured after the Motor Car they were traveling in veering off the road at Pindeniya on Kegalle-Awissawella road and toppled over to the near by Gurugodaoya early this morning(17).

The five injured persons two of them critically had been admitted to the   Kegalle Hospital for treatment and two of them had succumbed to their injuries after admission to the Hospital.

The deceased had been identified as  a father and son of a same family and they along with the injured are residents of Katakumbura , Kadugannawa area.Three females are also there among the injured it has been announced.

The Car was traveling to Awissawella  at the time of the accident.

Three Persons Have Been Injured After A Part Of A Hotel Building Under Construction Collapsed

Image result for building collapsed stock photosThree persons were injured and hospitalized after a part of a Hotel Building under construction which they were working in at Ala road,Periyamullla in Negambo  this evening(17).

The injured  who were hired as workers preparing a concrete mixture have   been admitted to the Negambo Base Hospital for treatment and their condition is not critical it has been announced.

The part of the second floor of  newly constructed  Hotel Building was collapsed it has been revealed.

Finance Minister Has Announced A Tax Reduction Package For Internet And Vehicles-Internet Tax Levy To Be Completely Removed

Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera has today(17) announced a tax reduction package for Internet,Motorcycles,Small Cabs and Lorries during a press briefing held in Colombo.
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Accordingly the 10% Telecommunication levy imposed on Internet  services by the former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake is due to be  removed completely with effect from 01st of September .Under this telecommunication companies have agreed to reduce the internet charges of pre paid services the Minister has said.

According to the Minister Samaraweera  the excise duty imposed on Motorcycles less than 150 cc is due to by reduced by 90% with effect from midnight tonight(17).

The duty imposed on small cabs and lorries will be reduced by Rs.300,000 from Rs.10,000,000 to Rs.700,000. 

Substantial price reduction will be introduced particularly for Japanese Motorcycles it has been announced.Accordingly the prices of Motorcycles will be reduced from Rs.50,000 to Rs.100,000 Finance Minister has stated.


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Foreign-How Did 100 Children Die In This Indian Hospital?


Sawoma demawpiyan athulu thaman adaraya karana ayage sith noridawamin e ayath samaga thama jeewana gamana yannenam me lokaya ketharam sundara sthanayak wanu athida.Esenam prashna kisida pana nonaginu atha.

Immediatte Family Members Of Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Have 21 Lands In The Country Purchased Under Their Names-JVP Leader Anura Kumara

The wife of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe,
Shiranthi Rajapakshe and their sons Namal and Yoshitha have  21 lands around the country purchased under their names according to the leader of Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna (JVP)Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

Addresing a public rally held in Ratnapura yesterday (16) the JVP Leader had questioned how these Rajapakshe family members received money to purchase such an amount of lands in the country.

He also revealed that he has the details of the dates which purchased these lands,amount spent for it and the numbers of deeds of lands with him.

Control Prices Of Imported And Local Rice Have Been Removed

Government has decided to remove the control prices
announced on Imported and Locally made rice in the local market as per the recommendetion made by the Cabinet sub committee on living index.

A special gazette notification had issued regarding this last night government has stated.

CID Had Questioned Former President's Second Son Yoshitha Rajapakshe Over Changing Color Of A Defender Vehicle

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has
yesterday(16) questioned  the yoshitha Rajapakshe the second son of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe for three hours over changing the color of a defender vehicle donated to the "Siriliya"foundation run by his mother during the previous government and used it for the murder of former Rugby player wassim thajudeen.

Yoshitha Rajapakshe arrived at CID Headquarters last morning accompanied by his father former president Mahinda Rajapakshe,his brother MP Namal Rajapakshe and some Joint opposition MP's  to give the statement

CID hadalso  questioned Yoshitha's mither the former first lady Shiranthi Rajapakshe too over the incident on last Tuesday (15).

Foreign-Floods In India, Nepal, And Bangladesh Leave 250 Dead


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A Former Tangalle Politician Was Arrested While Accepting A Rs.100,000 Bribe

Image result for bribeOfficers attached to the Bribery Commission had today(15) arrested the former chairman of Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha while accepting Rs.100,000 as a bribe from a person at his house .

The former chairman of the Tangalle Pradeshiya Saba requested the bribe from a person residing in Matara to get approval for a plan of a land from Tangalle Pradeshiya saba it has been revealed.

The suspect is due to be produced before the Agunakolapalessa Magistrate Court.

A Mother And Son Have Died Due To An Electrocution In Polonnaruwa

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A mother and her seven year old son were killed due to electrocution in Pulasthipura area at Polonnaruwa  .

The son was electrocuted after colliding with power line near his tution class and when mother attempted to save him she too was electrocuted it has been revealed.

Both the mother and son had died on admission to the Pulasthipura Hospital.Pulasthipura Police are investigating on the incident.

A 19 Year Old Teanager Has Died After Falling Down From A Building

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A 19 year old teenager has died after falling down to ground from the fifth floor of a building under construction in Gampaha last night(16). 

The deceased  had been identified as a resident of Padaviya area worked as a  laborer at the Construction site.

Gampha Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Around 3000 Die Annually In Sri Lanka Due To Suicides

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Around 3000 persons die annually in Sri Lanka due to suicides according to the Mental Health Director attached to the Health Ministry Dr.Chitramali De Silva.

Suicides among youth population in Sri Lanka are on the increase and 23.7 per 100,000 youth population committed suicide according to the latest statistics.Boys are prone to commit suicide three times more than girls and youth in urban areas is being committed suicide more than youth in villages it has been revealed Dr.Silva has stated.

Competitive environment in education and employment ,stress  ,physical and emotional disappointments and breaking relationships within the family and outside the family are identified as main causes for the increased number of suicides among youth she has stressed.


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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Poision Egg Backclash-One In Three Shoppers Refusing To Eat Foreign Eggs

Foreign- Three 2000 Year Old Tombs Discovered In Egypt

A Suspect Was Injured After Police Shot At Him In Veyangoda

A suspect was injured after the police officers attached
to the Special police crimes  investigations division of Kalmune shot  at him near the Veyangoda flyover bridge this evening (15 ) when he attempted to flee away  in  a motor car.

The suspect was later arrested by the police.Veyangoda fly over bridge was closed temporarily during the incident.


Special Trade Tax On Imported Sugar Has Been Increased By Rs.8

Special trade tax imposed on imported sugar has been
increased by Rs.8 with effect from today (15) according to the Ministry of Finance.

Accordingly the special trade tax imposed on imported white sugar has been increased to Rs.31 per kilo from Rs.23 and tax imposed on Brown sugar has been increased to Rs.33 per kilo from Rs.25.

The tax on imported sugar has been increased to give the benefit of the reduced sugar prices in world market to the local sugar farmers the Finance Ministry has stated.

Youngest Son Of Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Had Been Questioned By FCID

Rohitha Rajapakshe the youngest son of former
president Mahinda Rajapakshe was questioned today (15) by the Police financial crimes investigations Division (FCID) around five and half hours  over launching of a "Supreme Sat"-1 satellite project under the guidence of him with the cost of Rs.320 million during previous government.

Although a large sum of public money had been  invested for Mthe Satellite project no ressults had been shown as a result according to the investigations.

Meanwhile the second son of former President ,yoshitha rajapakshe due to be questioned by CID tomorrow (16)over the murder case of Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen.

Former First Lady Shiranthi Rajapakshe Was Questioned By CID For Three Hours

Former first lady Shiranthi Rajapakshe had been
questioned by the criminal investigations department (CID) for three hours this morning (15)over utilizing a defender vehicle donated to her "Siriliya" foundation by the red cross for other purposes.

It has been revealed during an investigations carried out on the murder of former Sri Lankan rugby player wasim thajudeen that the defender belonging to the "Siriliya"foundation linked to the murder of the former rugby player.

When the former first lady Shiranthi Rajapakshe had arrived at  CID this morning as per the summons issued to her ,former president Mahinda Rajapakshe and her two sons MP namal rajapakshe , yoshitha rajapakshe along with several joint opposition MP's ,some artists and supporters accompanied her and due to the situation a water canon truck was deployed on the road lead to the CID.

Joint opposition MP's wore black bands and protested against questioning former first lady by the CID.

New Foreign Affairs Minister Has Been Appointed

A former Minister and Attorney General Thilak Marapana has been appointed as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs .He had sworn in his Ministerial portfolio before the President Maithripala Sirisena at President's House this morning(15).
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New Foreign Minister has been appointed after the resignation of Former Foreign Affairs Minister Ravi Karunanayake over the allegations leveled against him in connection with the Central Bank Bond scam.

Minister Marapana was the former Minister of Law and Order of the present government and he had resigned from his post due to the allegations leveled against him on Avantguarde case in 2015.Later he has been given the Ministry of Development in May this year.

Around 40% Of Men And 2.4% Of Females In Sri Lanka Addicted To Alcohol

Image result for alcohol addictionAround 40% of men and 2.4% of females in Sri Lanka are consuming Alcohol according to the latest statistics the Director of Mental Health attached to the Ministry Of Health Dr.Chitramali De Silva has stated.

The females consuming Alcohol are over 15 year old Dr.Silva has stressed.Around 10% of the Sri Lankan youth in the age group of 15-24  also consuming Alcohol it has been revealed.

'Fat But Fit' Still Risk Heart Disease

Monday, August 14, 2017

Foreign-Belgian Giant Omelette Festival Defies Egg Scare


A 26 Year Old Person Drowned While Bathing In Sathmal Ella (Falls)

A 26 year old had been drowned and disappeared
while bathing in Sathmale Ella (Falls) in deniyaya area with four others.

The drowned person had been identified as a resident of Thelijjawila area and the residents of the area along witb the Navy officers have launched a search operation to find the drowned person .

Two Youths Were Killed Due To A Tipper Truck-Three Wheeler Collision

Two youths were killed and one injured and
hospitalized after the sand transporting tipper truck they were travelling in veering off the road after colliding with a Three wheeler and crashed in to a wall and lamp post at matikumbura area on Colombo-Kurunagala main road .

The injured including another two persons travelling in the Three Wheeler including the driver ,were admitted to the Polgahawela Hospital for treatment.

The deceaseed had been identified as 22 and 25 year old persons resided in Galewela and Kanthale areas.

A Sub Committee Recommended The Government To Restrict Tourist Arrivals To Historical Sigiriya Rock Fortress

A sub committee appointed to draft an enviornmental
friendly tourism policy has been  recommended  the government to restrict the number of local and foreign tourist arrivals to the  historical world heritage Sigiriya Rock fortress  in order to prevent destroying it.

The sub committe appointed by the National Policy Development office of the Prime Minister's office had stated through it's report that the Sigiriya especially the famous katapath pawura is destroying due to the heavy tourist arrivals and some  natural causes.

Due to the smell perspiration emanating from the tourists there is a threat of destroying the famous "Sigiriya frescoes"further according to the report.

The Sigiriya Rock fortress cannot bear the  heavy tourist arrivals  reported annually the report has said.

Local And Foreign Tourists To Purchase A Ticket When Enter Jungle Coast Of Unawatuna Beach

It has been decided to charge a fee from the local and
foreign tourists who enter the jungle sea coastal area of the Unawatuna Beach in Galle during a co -ordination meeting held in Habaraduwa area yesterday (14).

Accordingly both local and foreign tourists need to buy a ticket when entering the jungle coastal area in unawatuna in future.The decision to charge a fee has been taken to ensure the cleanliness of the Beach and the enviornmental security of the area the authorities have stated.

Foreign-The Country That Transformed Breakfirst

Switzerland, Bircher Muesli (Credit: Credit: Daniel Reiter/Alamy)

"Obata kawurun ho hondak kara athinam ema thanaththata drohi wemata obata kisida nohakiya,Ese drohi wannenam eya oba obatama drohi wemaki,"


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Three Female Sex Workers And A Managress Arrested At A Brothal House Maintained As A SPA

Image result for ARRESTEDThree  female sex workers and a  manageress attached to a Brothel House maintained on the pretext of a Ayurveda Massage Center (SPA) had been arrested by the Mirihana Police in Nawala area.

The  females arrested are on the ages of 25 to 30 years and residents of Udupussallawa ,Anuradhapura,Thanamalwila and Embilipitiya  areas and they were released on bail after been produced before the Hulftsdorf Court .The Court has ordered the Police to obtain medical reports of the females and produced to the Court.

Around 22 Passangers Were Injured After A Bus Falling Down To A Precipice

Image result for accidentAround 22 passengers have been injured and hospitalized after a Bus traveling from Kataragama to Walapane falling down to a precipice around 150 foot  deep at Mahauva area on Ragala-Walapane main road last night(13).

The injured have been admitted to the Nuwara Eliya Hospital for treatment and some of them had left the Hospital after receiving treatment it has been reported. The condition of the passengers who are still receiving treatment at the Hospital is not critical Hospital sources have said.

Government To Speed Up The Investigations On Charges Leveled Against Former President Rajapakshe And His Family Members

Image result for investigationsGovernment has decided to speeding up the investigations on charges leveled against the former President Mahinda Rajapakshe and his family members after a group of back bench MP's belonging to the governing United National Party(UNP) urged the government that the process of these investigations is slow.

The back bench UNP MP's had also stressed that the Good Governance government not able to conclude any of the  investigation carrying out on the charges leveled against former President Rajapakshe and his family members since come to power on 2015 .

Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital Had Taken Over To The Government Under A Tri Party Letter Of Intent-Legal Agreement To Be Signed Soon-Health Secretery

Image result for neville fernando teaching hospitalThe Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital in Malabe had been taken over to the Government with effect from 01st of August 2017 under a Tri party"letter of  Intent "signed by three parties including the Ministry Of Health until the legal agreement regarding the taken over currently being drafted by Attorney General is finalized according to the Secretary to the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Janaka Sugathadasa.

Soon after the drafting of  legal agreement  on taking over the Neville Fernando Hospital to the government is finalized the relevant parties will sign it the Health Ministry Secretary has stated.

Responding to the accusations made by the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) on that the Neville Fernando Hospital not taken over by the government legally ,Health Secretary has stressed that the taken over had done based on a decision taken by the Cabinet of Ministers and Health Ministry,SAITM Institute and Bank Of Ceylon had signed the letter of intent regarding the taken over.



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