Tuesday, March 7, 2017


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Railway Station Masters Suspended Their Strike

The proposed 48 hour strike of Railway Station Masters due to be launched
 tomorrow (08) has been temporarily suspended according to the Sri Lanka Railway Station Masters Union .

The strike was suspended after the agreement reached during the  talks  held between the Union leaders and the General Manager of Sri Lanka Railways Department today (07).

Heavy Traffic Had Been Reported From Colombo Due To A Joint Opposition Groups Protest March

Heavy Traffic had been reported in the Town Hall,Colombo this evening(07) due to  a protest March launched
 by the women's  organizations attached to the Joint Opposition group in view of the International Women's Day.

Lipton Circus roundabout was blocked for hours due to the protest March of the protestors it has been reported .Former president Mahinda Rajapakahe had also addressed the protestors during the protest campaign.


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Railway Station Masters To Launch A 48 Hour Strike From Midnight Tomorrow(08)

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Railway Station Masters in the country are due to launch a 48 hour island wide strike with effect from midnight tomorrow(08) by demanding solutions for their service demands including filling the vacancies prevailing in the Railway service according to the Sri Lanka Railway Station Masters Union.

Due to the proposed strike Railway Station Masters will not carry out  issuing of tickets to the passengers or reservation of seats ,However Office train schedules will be carried out as usual .

Discussions held with the Minister Of Transport Nimal Siripala De Silva regarding the demand s yesterday (06)ended up with no results the Union has stated.

Nine Hundrad Metric Tonnes Of Excessive Stock Of "Thriposha" Issued To The Market As "Suposha"

The "Thriposha"(A Nutritious Supplement issued for Pregnant/lactating mother and infants through Government Health Institutes)) factory in Kandana had issued  the 900 metric tonnes of excessive stock of  the "Thriposha" available in the plant to the market as "Suposha"  according to the Ministry Of Health.
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After the Thriposha Factory built a new manufacturing plant installed with American equipment the Thriposha production has expanded to 1800 metric tonnes to 2700 metric tonnes and the excessive Thriposha stock of 900 metric tonnes utilized for issuing the new product "Suposha "to the market the Ministry has stated.

Through the selling of "Suposha" in the market the Thriposha Factory is expected to earn an extra income and developed the Thriposha manufacturing plant through it has been stated.

To manufacture "Thriposha" government is purchasing 20,000 metric tonnes of wheat,10,000 metric tonnes of Soya seeds and 10,000 metric tonnes of full cream milk powder from local farmers.

Health Minister To Reduce Prices Of Stents And Cancer Drugs In The Local Market

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Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has decided to  control the prices of  imported Stents used for heart patients and Cancer Drugs available in the local market according to the Ministry Of Health.

Minister Dr.Senaratne has already instructed the chairman of the Independent Drug Regulatory Authority Professor Asitha De Silva to prepare a report containing the price list of the Stents and Cancer Drugs available  in the local market and the steps can be taken to reduce the prices of them with immediate effect.

After receiving the report the Price control mechanism will be implemented  on Stents and Cancer Drugs soon Ministry has stated.

Thousamds Of Cinemas In China Under Threat Of Closure

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