Monday, December 29, 2008

One Hundred Seven Petrol Filling Stations To Transfered To The CPC

The 107 Petrol Filling Stations Belongs to the Petroleum Storage Terminal Management Limited and One Third of It's Shares owned by the Treasury will Transfered to The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation(cpc) after Receiving the Cabinet Approval Petroleum Minister A.h.m Fowzie Said.The Trade Unions attached to the Petroleum Corporation Earlier Demanded that the CPC Should Take Over the Above Petrol Filling Stations.

Board Of Directors Of The Seylan Bank Suspended And Bank Of Ceylon Took Over Their Management

Monetary Board Today(29) Suspends The Board Of Directors of The Seyaln Bank One of the Leading Private Banks In Sri lanka with Immediate Effect and Allowed Bank Of Ceylon To Took Over It's Management.Mr.C.Narangoda Appointed as The New Chairman Of Seylan Bank and the Current CEO and the Bank Employees Remained Unchanged According to the Central Bank Of Sri Lanka. This Action will not Effect to the Customers Services According to the Bank Sources.The Owner Of the Seylan and Chairman of the Ceylinco Group Lalith Kotalawala Last Saturday Announced that the Debt Ceylinco Investments Owned to their Golden Credit Card holders following the Financial Freud happened there will be paid by divesting Ceylinco's shares of the Seylan Bank. Afterwards The Banking Unions Demanding the Government to Take Over The Seylan Bank. The Business of the Seylan Bank will Begin Tomorrow(30) as Usual.

Government Doctors Stop Prescribing the Thyroxine Tablets Distributed To The Govt.Hospitals-Patients Are Facing Difficulties

Patients who are Suffering from the Thyroxine Deficiency Are Facing Difficulties due to the Government Hospital Doctors are Not Recommending them the Thyroxine Tablets available in the Government Hospitals saying that they are Not Effective.The Thyroxine Tablets available in the Government Hospitals are Not in Good Quality and due to this Doctors Prescribed their Patients to buy A Brand of Thyroxine Tablets available in Private Pharmacies which is very expensive Hospital Sources said Today(29).A batch of The Thyroxine Tablets in Govt.Hospital Pharmacies were Removed due to the Quality Failure few months ago.But the Stock of Thyroxine Tablets supplied afterwards are also In the Same Brand which is not Effective Dr.Upul Gunasekara The Assistant Secretary Of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA)Says.We Shown this position to the Health Ministry but they said that only the 50 Micro Gramme Thyroxine Tablets are having this Problem But Widely used 100 Macro gramme Tablets are fine Dr.Gunasekera stressed.However Doctors Denied Both Forms of These Tablets which are Manufactured Here He Said.

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