Thursday, September 16, 2010

Study Shows More Than 80 Percent Of Sri Lankan Females And Males Are Fast Food Addicts

The newest study conducted by the Ministry of Health has  revealed 83 percent of the Females and 81 percent of the Males in Sri Lanka are addicted to Fast Foods.According to the Additional Secretary(Medical Services) to the Ministry Dr.Palitha Mahipala there is a great risk of developing Stroke amongst these Fast Food Addicts and there are signs that the Stroke is to become the second largest cause of the Deaths occurred in the country.

According to the Dr.Mahipala 11 percent of the Annual Deaths in Sri Lanka is caused by the Stroke and the people who affected with the disease are contributing heavily to the economic development of the country.Ministry of Health has identified the age group 18-65 as the most vulnerable group for getting Stroke.Around 25 percent of this age group addicted to smoking and 26 percent addicted to liquor.Another 20 percent is having overweight which may lead to stroke in future Ministry has said.

Management of Stroke and reducing the consumption of Fast Foods as well as screening the risky people for Stroke test are the methods that can be implemented to combat the Stroke according to the Medical Specialists.

Meanwhile the Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Stroke Society Dr.Padma Gunaratne said that the Programme implemented to prevent Stroke In Sri Lanka has earned the first place amongst the other countries in the world.

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