Monday, September 10, 2012

Government Doctors Of Sabaragamuwa Province To Strike From 19th Of September

Government Hospital Doctors attached to Sabaragamuwa Province are to be launched a continuous  strike from 19th of this month (Wednesday) by demanding  Health Ministry to intervene and   implementing delayed transfers of 4 provincial health services directors the president of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) Dr.Anurudda Padeniya has said.the transfers of  provincial health directors attached to north central,Uva ,sabaragamuwa and central  provinces got delayed due to some court cases filed by two
of   the transferred provincial health directors he stressed.

If the health ministry has failed to look in to this matter by 19th of  September the strike will spread to uva,sabaragamuwa and central provinces as well dr,padeniya said.

The provincial health directors of central and sabaragamuwa provinces challenging their transfers in courts although they have overstayed in these positions and due to this legal action the transfers of other provincial health administrators too got stuck he further added.

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