Tuesday, July 31, 2018



A Luxury Motor Car Had Caught Fire In Galle Face

A luxury Motor Car transporting  a
group of persons to Katunayake Airport had been damaged after it caught fire near the Galle Face roundabout this evening (31).

The Colombo Fire services Department along with Police had doused the fire and no one in the Motor Car was injured due to the incident.The Cause of the fire has  not yet been revealed.

Due to the incident a heavy traffic congestion had been reported in the area.

A Large Acres Of Land Had Been Destroyed in Kotaveheragala Due To Fire

More than 100 acres of Land belonging
to the Kotaveheragala Mountain Reserve at Wellawaya area had been destroyed up to now due to a sudden fire erupted in the reserve this evening (31 ).

Accordingly The fire had destroyed rare species of Plants and Animals in the reserve it has been reported.

Due to the strong winds and dry weather condition prevailing in the area the fire is spreading rapidly according to reports.The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.




Health Minister To Reduce Prices Of 25 Essential Drugs

Prices of 25 Essential Drugs including prices of 10 Essential Expensive Cancer Drugs will be reduced soon according to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Among those Essential Drugs selected for price reduction are Drugs prescribed for Diabetes,Asthma and Prostate Cancer the Minister has stated.However he had not revealed when the prices of these Drugs will be reduced.

A 21 Year Old German Female Was Sexually Abused At A "SPA"

Colombo Tourism Police had received a
complaint on sexually abusing of a 21 year old German female by a male Massager  at a Body Massage Center (SPA) in Induruwa (Southern Province) on last Sunday (29) it has been reported.

The female victim who had arrived in Sri Lanka recently with her Mother had faced this incident when she had visited the Massage Centers for a Body Massage.

Tourism Police are conducting an investigations  over the incident.

A 76 Year Old Person Was Sentenced An Eight Year Imprisonment Over Sexually Abusing A Five Year Old Girl

A 76 year old person had been

sentenced to eight year rigorous imprisonment today (31)by the Colombo High Court over sexually abusing a five year old girl in 2009.

Colombo High Court Judge Vikum Kaluarachchi had also imposed a Rs.20,000 fine on the accused who found guilty over the sexual abuse after long running court case .Judge had ordered the accused to pay Rs.50,000 as a compensation  to the victim who was five years old when the incident occurred in 2009 it has been revealed.


Twenty Six Passangers Injured Two Of Them Critically Due To Bus Collision

Twenty six Passangers including two
Bhikkus and few students have been injured ,Two of them critically after two Buses colliding each other at A-9 Road in Madawala,Matale today (31).

The injured had been admitted to Matale General Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred when a Sri Lanka Transport Board Bus colliding with a Private Bus due to careless driving according to Police.

The condition  of the two Bus Drivers is  critical it has been revealed.

Two Omani Nationals Were Arrested While Attempting To Smuggle US Dollar Notes

Two Omani National Businessmen 

involved in  Tea Trade had been arrested by the Airport Security officers while attempting to smuggle more than Rs.10 million worth US Dollars Currency notes (11,173,400) to Oman's Capital Muscat at the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport today (31).

Accordingly Airport Security Officers had been arrested a 51 and 57 year old Businessmen who had attempted to smuggle US Dollar Currency notes hidden in their luggage.

The two suspects were in Sri Lanka for a one month vacation and faced this situation while attempting to flying to Muscat,Oman.

Airport Security Officers had handed over the two suspects to the Airport Customs for an investigations.



Thousamds Of Cinemas In China Under Threat Of Closure

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