Saturday, September 21, 2019

At least 37 Persons Injured Due To An Earthquake Struck In Albania

සැබෑ ආදරය ඇති තැන කලණ මිතුදම ජීවමාන වේ "

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"කලණ මිතුරු ඇසුර  ගෙන දෙයි  සිතට නීති මිහිර -එම මිතුරු ඇසුර  කිසිදා යයි නොහැර "

Navy Have Recovered 1616 Kilo Grammes Of Beedi Leaves From Iranathivu Island

Navy officers attached to Northern 
Naval Command have captured   1616 Kilo Grammes of Beedi leaves left at The beach area of Iranathivu Island yesterday  (21) during a search operation carried out there .

The stock of Beedi leaves wrapped in 24 parcels was left at the Beach by a group of persons it has been revealed.

Naval officers had  handed over the stock of Beedi Leaves to the Customs office in Jaffna for further investigations. 

A Wild Elephant Who Had Been Frightened Villagers In Ampara Was Captured

Wild Life officers have yesterday  (21)
captured a Wild Elephant who had frightened the villagers attached to two villages in Uhana Divisional secretariet at Ampara District and killed three villagers during part few weeks .

The Wild Elephant had been captured at Gonagolla area last morning (21)after tranquilising  him following a Three day search mission it has been  revealed.

The Elephant was later brought to the Horowpathana Wild Elephant Conservation Center .

The Wild Elephant had been responsible for killing three villagers attached to Suhadagama  and Thissa pura villages at Uhana area during last few weeks .

A Person Was Killed Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A 46 year old person had been killed
due to a Wild Elephant attack at Raja Ela in Kanthale  last Friday  night (20).

The incident occused when he went his house back yard it has been revealed. 



Railway Workers Suspended The Work To Rule Campaign

Railway Trade Unions have today
(21)temporarily suspended the work to rule campaign launched by Five catagories belonging to Railways Department since midnight last Thursday  (19)after the discussions conducted with Railway authorities .

Accordingly Engine Drivers, Station Guards ,Railway Guards ,Railway Controllers and Inspection officers have suspended the Trade union action until this Tuesday (24) it has been revealed.

If the authorities have  failed to solve the demands of Railway Workers by Tuesday They will launch an Island Wide strike action from that day it has been announced.

Railway Workers had suspended the work to rule campaign after the authorities have promised them to solve their problems  .

Due to the work to rule campaign of Railway Workers several office Trains had been delayed yesterday  (20).

Five Estate Workers Had Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Five estate workers including four
females and a male had been injured and hospitalized due to a Wasp attack at Kilani Tea Estate in Bagawanthalawa area last noon (20).

The injured who had faced the incident whilst plucking tea  leaves has been admitted to Bagawanthalawa Provincial Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred due to a provoking of wasps in a wasp nest weaved at a Tea   plant it has been revealed. 

A Dutch National Has Been Drowned Whilst Bathing In Neelaweli Sea Area

Image result for drowningA 73 year old Dutch National has been drowned whilst bathing in Neelaweli Sea area at  in Pigeon Island today (21).

The deceased had faced this incident when he visited to see the Pigeon Island it has been revealed .

His body had been sent to the Trincomalee District General  Hospital for Post mortum .

4-year-old Australian boy claims to be reincarnation of Princess Diana


No one should act in a shellfish manner and should  help 
 .Someone in need . Some are listening to Late Rukmani Devi's song "Gala KandEni"Song but not thinking to comfort a person in need.Be a Genuine person and a  Friend  who can be a candle in someone's life.

A School Principal Was Arrested Whilst Accepting A Bribe In Jaffna

Officers attached to Bribery
Commission have yesterday   (20)arrested the Principal of Hindu Collage in Jaffna whilst accepting a bribe of Rs.100,000 to admit a child to the school .

The suspected Principal was arrested at the school premises whilst accepting the bribe from a parents of a child it has been reported.  

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...