Monday, May 4, 2020

France's First Corona Virus Case Was Reported In Last December


33 Corona Positives Had Been Repoted During Today (04)

33 Corona Positives had been reported
during today (04)up to 11.20 p.m and 10.Corona virus positives had discharged from hospitals after fully recovered according to Epidemeology Unit .

Accordingly The total number of Corona Virus positives reported in the country had risen to 751 and the total number of Corona positives recovered and discharged from hospitals had risen to 184 the unit has stated .

At the moment 549 Corona virus positives are being treated at government hospitals .

Government Has Postpone The Opening Of Schools /Universities

All Universities and Schools which are   scheduled to be reopened 
On 11 th of May had been postponed  until further notice due to the current corona  virus epidemic situation of  the country the government has announced .

 Earlier Government has decided to re open the Universities which were closed down last March to avoid spreading of Corona virus, from 11 th of May by step by step.and to re open the Schools at the same day for the second term.

Most universities and schools are currently conducting classes for students via internet according to the Minister of Higher Education Bandula Gunawardna.

08 Th Corona Death In Sti Lanka Had Been Reported Today (04)-Deceased Was The First Sri Lankan Female Died From Corona

The 08th corona positive death has
been reported this evening (04)as a 72 year old female who was admitted to Homagama Base Hospital due to Corona infection has died according to the Health Ministry .

The deceased who was a resident of Polpithigama area in Kurunagala District had been admitted to Homagama Hospital recently after being confirmed as Infected with the virus .

She has died due to the complications of Kidney ailmemt she was suffering from  it has been reported .

The deceased was the first female who had died due to corona virus infection in Sri lanka and this latest corona death had been reported after 26 days according to reports .

Sri lanka's last Corona death had been reported on 08 th of April .All those who have died due to the infectuon previously were males .

Meanwhile the body of the Deceased corona virus positive female was cremated soon after her death at Kotikawatte Crematorium it has been revealed .

Congress Party To Pay Migtant Workers Travel After Government Requests Workers To Pay Their Own

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...