Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heavy Showers Flooded The Parliamentary Complex

Due to the heavy showers prevailed in Colombo District within last few hours the Parliamentary Complex in Colombo suburbs and the surrounded areas are also flooded and due to this today's   Parliamentary Sessions restricted for few minutes. Most MP's and even the speaker came and left the Parliament from Naval Boats and some were used jeeps and other vehicles.

The River surrounded the National Parliament Complex the Diyawanna oya is overflowed and the ground floor of the Parliament Building is covered with 3 feet of water.Even there was no electricity and the MP's passed 8 resolutions through the torch light of the Police Officers who accompanied them to the  Parliament.

Health Ministry To Seek An Explanations From 550 Nurses Involved In Wednesday's Sick Note Campaign

Ministry Of Health has decided to getting  an explanations from 550 Government Hospital Nurses who were reported Sick leave yesterday .According to the Ministry Officials it has decided to get an explanations from these nurses through the respective Hospital Directors on why they involved in the trade union action at a time when Ministry issued a circular canceling all their leaves.

Out of the 24,000 Government Hospital Nurses only 550 Nurses participated the trade union action according to the Ministry.

Heavy Showers Fell To Colombo Displaced over 75,000 and flooded Many Sub Ways

Due to the heavy showers prevails in Colombo District since last evening over 75,000 people in the district were reported as displaced according to the Colombo Disaster Management Center.Small shanties as well as luxurious  houses in Colombo were flooded due to the heavy showers fell first such rain fall from 18 years Sri Lanka Meteorological Department said.

Due to the gusty winds accompanied with the showers some roofs of some houses were destroyed and commuters faced lot of difficulties during yesterday eve and this morning due to the road traffic caused in flooded roads.Some sub ways in the Colombo City were flooded since yesterday eve.

Around 440.2 mili meters of Rain fall was reported till 8.30 a.m today  to  Colombo District according to the Meteorologists.

Meanwhile Around 19 centers were set up within the Colombo District for  displaced persons due to floods and the meals for them are supplied through the Disaster Management Center in Colombo.

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