Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Indonesian Zoo Condemned Over Smoking Orangutang


A Chinese Female Was Arrested With 8800 Illegal Cigarette Sticks In Possession

A 44 year old Chinese female was arrested with 8800
foreign made illegal cigarette sticks in her possession at Colpetty area by the Excise Narcotic Bureau officials.

The estimated value of the stock of Illegal Cigarette sticks taken into custody in possession of the Chinese female is around million.

Excise Narcotic Bureau officials are conducting an investigations over the incident.

Eight Houses In Deniyaya Were Damaged Due To Heavy Showers And Thunderbolt

Eight houses in Selvakande,Deniyaya area  were
damaged due to the heavy showers  accompanied by Thunderbolt in the area yesterday (06) according to the Disaster Management Unit attached to the Kotapola Provincial Secretariat.

The electrical equipment in these houses had been severely damaged due to Thunderbolt and a wall of one of the houses was cracked as a result it has been revealed.

A Tribute To Late Singer Irene De Alwis

The funeral of late popular yesteryear singer Irene de Alwis was held today (07)at Wadduwa.She has sung some popular hit songs during her career and was 74 years old at the time of her death after prolonged illness.

"May she attain Supreme Bliss of Nibbana"


A 70 Year Old Female Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

A 70 year old female was killed after colliding with a

Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB)bus while crossing the road at Hambegamuwa in Wellawaya area today (07).

The deceased was identified as a resident of Hambegamuwa area.The Bus was travelling in high speed from Hambegamuwa to Colombo at the time of the accident according to Police.

Hambegamuwa Police have arrested the Bus driver regarding the accident.

Leave Of All Police Officers Has Been Cancelled

Leave of all Police Officers has been cancelled with
immediatte effect the Police Media Spokesman's Office has announced.

This decision has been taken after considering the emergency situation occurred in Kandy Administrative area it has been stated.

Curfew Has been Re -imposed in Kandy District Due To Few Incidents Occurred There-Prime Minister

Curfew has been re -imposed in Kandy
Administrative Area today due to few violent incidents reported in Katugasthota and Ambagasthanne areas in Kandy ,Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has said by delivering a special speech at Parliament regarding the current situation in Kandy .

Soon after the lifting of Curfew which imposed in yesterday, this morning a group of persons set fire to some Business Establishments in Katugssthota and a hand grenade in the hands of a person was exploded in Ambagasthanne area Prime Minister has said.

Curfew was re imposed in Kandy to  calm down the situation Prime Minister said.

"Violent activities had only  Erupted in some areas of Kandy and most places of Kandy and island are very peaceful.Do not trust rumours spreads by   some groups  to discredit the government "he has stressed.

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Government To Provide Fertilzer Subsidy Again To Farmers

Related imageGovernment has decided to grant Fertilizer subsidy to the local farmers as done during previous governments .
The decision has been taken at the Cabinet Meeting held yesterday(06) as per a proposal made by Minister Sajith Premadasa.
Accordingly Paddy farmers will receive a Fertilizer Subsidy worth Rs.500 and other Crop Farmers will receive Fertilizer Subsidy worth Rs.1200.
Soon after the current government came to power in 2015  the Fertilizer subsidy provided to farmers has been removed and introduced a  programme to deposit money in accounts of Farmers to purchase Fertilizer which becomes unpopular among the Farming community.

Two Persons Were Arrested With 75 Kilo Grammes Of Cannabis

Image result for arrestedPolice have arrested two persons with 75 Kilo Grammes of Cannabis in their possession at Wadukkodai area in Jaffna this morning(07).
The stock of Cannabis have been stored inside a house and the two suspects are due to be produced before the Jaffna Magistrate Court.

Accessing To All Social Media Sies Have Been Temporarily Blocked Due To Situation In Kandy

Image result for facebookAccessing to all Social Media sites including Facebook and Whatsapp have been temporarily blocked in the country with effect from this morning (07) according to the Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission(TRC).

 This decision has been taken as per the request made by  Ministry Of Defense to avoid sharing  of racist and hatred posts which lead to make divisions among communities after  considering the current situation in Kandy District it has been announced.

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Police Again Imposed Curfew In Trouble Hit Kandy District Until Further Notice-Schools In Kandy Closed Until Further Notice

kandy district security tightened සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
Police again imposed a Curfew this morning in Kandy Administrative District  until further notice after lifting the Curfew imposed last night at 6 a.m this morning(07) following some incidents occurred in the District.
Police Teams along with Special Police Task Force Personal and Army Personal are being deployed in Digana,Pallekale and Theldeniya areas attached to the Kandy Administrative area since yesterday (06) to strengthen the security in view of preventing violent activities it has been announced.
Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Pujitha Jayasundare has today sent three special Police Teams comprising of three Deputy Inspector Generals Of Police (DIG) and Three Superintendents Of Police (SP) to the trouble hit Kandy District .

Meanwhile Central Provincial Education Authorities have decided to close all the schools in Kandy District until further notice due to the current situation in the District .Earlier Education Ministry has ordered to close all schools in Kandy on yesterday and today.
Meanwhile seven persons who had acted violently in Manikhinna area last night were arrested by the Police and three Police Officers were injured when they attempted to calm down the situation occurred in the District during last few days.

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