Monday, October 23, 2017

Listeria Triggers Major Recall Of Veggies Across US And Canada

Health-Patients Need Rest:Not Antibiotics ,Say Health Officials


Jeep Owners Of Yala Protested Over The Vehicle Restrictions To The Yaala National Wild Life Park

Due to the protest campaign launched by Yala Safari
Jeep Owners and persons related to tourism industry around Yala tourists visited the Yala National Wild Life park through Safari Jeeps it has been reported.

The protest has been launched by the Safari Jeep owners as a protest over restricting the number of vehicles entering daily to the wild life park sources said.

Wild Life conservation department has taken a decision to restrict the number of vehicles entering Yala National Wild Life park in view of of protecting the enviornment of the Park.

Accordingly only 300 vehicles a day will be permitted to enter the Yala Wild Life Park.However this restriction not apply to school children arrived in the
Park and local tourists arrived in from outstations.

Human Rights Commission Had Begun An Investigation On Expulsion Of A Female Student From A School Over Vomitting

Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has began an
investigation on expulsion of a Grade 10 female student from a school in Dambulle by charging falsley that she was pregnant after she had vomitted  in the school.

The Human Rights Commission has begun the investigation without a complaint on the incident and   based on the news paper reports of the incident it has been revealed.

The officers attached to the Anuradhapura office of the Human Rights Commission had already visited the house of the victimized girl and collected evidence of the incident according to sources.

The Human Rights Commission has decided to call the accused principal who had expelled the female student
From the school and Educational authorities to colombo to question over the incident.

Ministry Of Industries To Import 200,000 Metric Tonnes Of Rice To The Country

The Ministry Of Industries and Commerce has decided
to call an International Tenders to import 200,000 mertic tonnes of Rice to Sri Lanka according to the Minister Rishaad Baduideen.

The Ministry is  expected to import rice from Myanmar, Cambodia, India,Pakistan,Vietnam,Thailand and Bangladesh and will give some other countries a chance to participating the tender procedure Minister has said.

Accordingly 100,000 metric tonnes of Rice is expected to be imported and issued to the local market by 30th of November and another 100,000 metric tonnes of Rice is expected to be imported and issued to the market by 30th of December Minister has stressed.

President has recently instructed the authorities to import highly priced essential food items to the country including Rice and distribute among consumers.


Government To Announce Solutions For SAITM Crisis Within Next Few Days

Government's solutions on SAITM Crisis will be
announced during next two or three days according to President Maithripala Sirisena.

President has revealed this while participating the opening ceremony of the Buddha Statue and a Golden Fence belonging to Abinavaramaya Temple in Awissawella.

Last week Government has stated that Government's solutions on SAITM will be announced this week.

Meanwhile Government Medical Officers Association has said that the Government should provide solutions for SAITM crisis according to the requests made by Bhiikkus and relevant parties.

A 64 Year Old Indian Athlete Was Killed After Colliding With A Train In Bambalapitiya

A 64 year old senior Indian Athlete was killed after
colliding with a train in Bambalapitiya today (23).

The Athlete Rajendran  Panidai who had arrived in Sr7 Lanka to participate a Mercantile  Athlatic Meet scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka had faced this incident.

His body is at  Colombo National Hospital.

An Acting Grama Seva Officer Of Bambalapitiya Had Arrested Over Accepting Rs.20,000 From A Person As A Bribe

  • The acting Grama Seva officer of Bambalapitiya (Colombo-04) had been arrested by the Bribery
    Commission officials today (23) over accepting Rs.20,000 as a bribe to enter a person's name to the electoral register at Colpetty Grama seva Office .

The suspect had yesterday(22)taken Rs.5000 out of the Rs.25,000 he had requested from a person and got arrested by the Bribery Commission officials today while accepting the remained Rs.20,000.

Bribery Commission officials had arrested another person who had supported the suspect when taking the bribe.


What's Really In Your Food: Revealed, The Marg That's 65% Water, The Cereal That's 15% Sugar And Chicken Noodles With NO CHICKEN

Health- Italian Scientists Claim New Type Of Pasta Can Help Ward Off Heart Attacks

Image result for Italian scientists claim new type of pasta can help ward off heart attacksIt could only have happened in Italy, the land of linguine, vermicelli and tagliatelle - scientists in Tuscany have developed a new type of pasta that can help ward off heart attacks.

While health experts might frown on people gorging on too much spaghetti carbonara or creamy linguine, the new pasta is being touted as beneficial to well-being.

It is made from a mixture of standard durum wheat flour mixed with whole-grain barley flour, which is rich in a fibre called beta-glucan which enchances the growth of new blood vessels.

Those blood vessels then form “natural bypasses” in the event of a heart attack, according to the researchers in Pisa.Scientists tested their theory on laboratory mice, feeding them the newly-developed pasta and then inducing cardiac arrest.
Mice which had been fed the barley pasta survived in greater numbers than a control group of mice which had eaten ordinary durum wheat pasta.

The barley-munching mice also sustained less damage to their hearts, examination revealed.
The researchers, from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, revealed the results of their research on the website Scientific Reports.

They said the new pasta “makes the body more resistant to stress and to coronary artery disease.”
“It’s the first time that the formation of natural bypasses was encouraged via functional food, [in this case] pasta with barley beta-glucan,” said Prof Vincenzo Lionetti, who led the study.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to show that a sustained dietary intake of pasta enriched with [beta-glucan] safely increases coronary collaterals…and reduces mortality.”

In 2014, a study discovered that pasta is less fattening if cooled down and then reheated before it is served.
doctors fed freshly cooked and reheated pasta separately to volunteers, taking blood samples every 15 minutes for two hours to compare the effects.
They found the reheated pasta was significantly healthier and acted more like bananas, beans or raw oats when absorbed in the gut.

But the barley-enriched pasta had the effect of creating a “biological bypass” that naturally enhanced heart health.(Teleraph UK/Independant)