Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Foreign-Suspected Bomber Shot And Killed In Brussels Railway Station


Colombo Fire Department Made A Complaint To The Police On A Bogus Phone Call

The Colombo Fire Brigade Department has made a
complaint to the Slave Island Police on Tuesday (20)on a bogus phone call received by them regarding a fire.

The Fire Brigade Department has received a phone call stating that there is a fire at Vakande Road,Colombo-02 and after the Department has sent the fire trucks with personal to the given address it has been revealed that no fire was there.

The Fire Brigade has privided the phone number from which they received the bogus information along with the complaint.

Health Ministry Has Launched An Inquiry On Patients Not Receiving The Benefit Of Reduced Cataract Lens Prices

Health Ministry has launched an inquiry on 38
Cataract  Lens companies which  have not provided the benefit of the reduced cataract lens prices to the Cataract patients .

Although the Health Ministry has reduced the prices of 38 varieties of Cataract lenses in the local market recently ,the companies which imported these lenses only given the patients Rs.2000 discount which is not sufficient at all the Ministry has stated.

Cataract patients should have received a discount much more than this according to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.


Cabinet Approved A Proposal On Increasing Bus Fares

Cabinet has approved a proposal on increasing  the
Bus fares by 6.28% with effect from 01st of July.

Due to the increase of Bus fares the minimum fare will be increased from Rs.9 to Rs.10.

Dengue Mosquito Lavae Density In Majority Of 14 Dengue High Risk Zones Increased By More Than Four Times Than The Normal Level

The Dengue Mosquito Lavae Density in Majority of the
14 Dengue High Risk Zones of the island has been increased by more than four times than the normal kevel  at present according to the president of Health Services Entomology Officers Union Najith Sumanasena.

Accordingly the Dengue Mosquito Lavae Density in those Dengue Risk Zones stands as 20 in the Dengue Mosquito Lavae Density meassuring index he has stressed.

Usually Dengue Mosquito Lavae Density stands at below 5 in the meassuring index when Dengue is not spreading as an epidemic and more than 5 in the index means Dengue  spreading at present goes beyond an epidemic level the president of the Entomology Officers Union has stated.

National Dengue Control Unit has stated that 14 Districts including Colombo, Gampaha,Kalutara,Ratna
pura,Galle and Matara have been identified as Dengue Risk Zones.

Meanwhile  as the Dengue Patients in all of the major hospitals are overcrowding at present, Health Ministry has taken steps to transfer Dengue patients admitted to those major hospitals to the hospitals nearby. 

Dousing Of The Fire In Gas Store Delayed Due To The Exploding Of Gas Cylinders

Due to the exploding of Gas Cylinders in a Gas Store in
Kanampalle Junction at Kosgama area which caught fire few hours ago ,fire fighters have faced enormous difficulties when dousing the fire according to the reports.

The fire erupted in the Gas Store which situated around one kilo meter distance from Salawa Army Camp ,spread to a  Building Matarial Shop nearby as well.

No casualties have been reported upto now and the cause of the fire not yet determined.

Huge Fire Erupted In A Gas Store And Building Matariels Shop In Kosgama

Due to a huge fire erupted in a gas store and building materials shop building in Awissawella-Kosgama road .a heavy traffick has been reported from high-level road In Awissaweela road.

Fire brigade is currently engaged in dousing the fire and Awissawelle -Colombo main road has been closed  from kanampella junction due to the fire .


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Around 349 Dengue Patients Are Receiving Treatment In Colombo National Hospital-75 Of Them Are In Critical Condition

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Around 349 Dengue Patients are receiving treatment in Colombo National Hospital at present and out of them 75 are n critical condition according to the Director of the Colombo National Hospital Dr.Anil Jasinghe.

Majority of these patients are young males Dr.Jasinghe has stressed.

Major Hospitals as well as other hospitals in most parts of the country are overcrowding with Dengue and Viral flu patients at present and due to this situation some of the Dengue Patients arrived in major hospitals have been transferred to the hospitals nearby it has been revealed.

Colombo High Court Sentenced An Accused A Life Imprisonment Over Possession Of Heroin

Image result for court orderColombo High Court has today (20) sentenced an accused a life time imprisonment over possession of 3.44 Grammes of Heroin .

The accused was arrested by the Police Narcotics Bureau in Slave Island on 04th of May 2009 it has been revealed.

Parliamentary Proceedings Adjourned Due To The Absence Of Health Minister

Related imageParliamentary proceedings temporarily adjourned this evening due to the absence of Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne who are due to make a statement on the Dengue Epidemic spreading in most parts of the island at present.

Health Minister had  given to make a specials statement on the spreading of Dengue at 2.36 p.m this evening in Parliament  ,however as he was not present in the house at that time a tense situation occurred among the Opposition MP's  and the speaker Karu Jayasuriya had adjourned the proceedings due to this.

Speaker has informed the Parliament that the Minister will be arrived in the house after a discussion held with President Maithripala Sirisena .

After around one hour  Health Minister has arrived at the house it has been reported.

Health Minister Has Instructed The Authorities To Hold An Inquiry To Find Out Whether The Blood Test Prices Of Dengue Patients Reduced

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Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has today (20) instructed the Independent Drug Regulatory Authority to hold an inquiry on whether the Private Hospitals and Laboratories in the country are conducting the Full Blood Count(FBC)  and Dengue Antigen/Antibodies Tests for the reduced prices for Dengue Patients as per instructed by the Health Ministry.

Health Ministry has last Saturday(17) instructed the all Private Hospitals and Laboratories to reduce the price of FBC Test to Rs.250 and Dengue Antigen/Antibody Test to Rs.1000 under the Private Medical Institutions Act with effect from yesterday(19).

Those Private Institutes found as not reduce the prices of these Tests for Dengue Patients will be subjected to a legal action the Health Ministry has stated.

The Food and Drug Inspectors attached to the Independent Drug Regulatory Authority are due to inspect the Private Hospitals and Laboratories and submit a report to the Health Minister in this regard.

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