Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ban Or Prohibit The Importing Of Milk Powder Products From Other Countries To Increase Local Milk Production-Convener Dairy Farmer's Union

"If the Sri Lankan Government want to increase local Milk Production as a policy, importing of Milk Powder Products from other countries should be either banned else prohibited according to Convener of National Movement of Dairy Framers Mr.Linus Jayathilake.

Country's Milk Market should be freed from businessmen as few of the international /local companies and businessmen are controlling the local milk market at present Mr.Jaytahilake has said.issuing a media release stating the need to increase local milk production for benefit of the people but not for the benefit of business community, he has stressed that there's no need to import  cows or genetic resources from other countries in view of increasing local milk production as the country is already having a sufficient number of cows and buffaloes to produce enough milk for the whole country.

"However the problems faced by local dairy farmers should be solved and the main problem they are facing at present is the lower prices they get for a 1 liter of Cow's Milk .milk powder and milk products companies are buying a liter of Cows Milk from our dairy farmers for just  Rs.50 but the  farmers have to pay Rs.60 to buy a Kilo Gramme of Punac(Coconut Cake)to feed cattle " he has stressed.

If the authorities really want to promote consumption of cow's milk in Sri Lanka they should begin to supply cows milk for  every child and sick people as the first step.local milk production should be increased with the aim of improving  people's health not the wealth of businessmen" Mr.Jayathilake has further said.

The Technical Evaluation Committee's Decision To Purchase 12 Essential Drugs For Higher Prices Cancelled

The Technical Evaluation Committee attach to  Ministry Of Health has planned to purchase 12 essential drug items for government hospitals on last September by spending  Rs.8.73 million more then the usual amount according to president of Health Services Trade Union Alliance(HSTUA) Saman Ratnapriya.the technical evaluation committee which meet 29th of September 2013 at the ministry has taken this decision, but due to the pressure of some health trade unions the committee has cancelled this decision he has revealed

The 12 essential drugs which the evaluation committee has decided to purchase for higher prices are  Sildenafil Tablets, Pediatric Paracetamol Oral Solution 120M/5ML ,Cefalexin Capsules BP 250MG, Hydrocortisone Tablets 10MG,Phrochloroperazine Tablets BP 5MG,Nalidixic Acid Tablets BP 250MG,Ibuprofen Tablets BP 200MG,Promethazine Injection BP25MG/5ML,Vancomycin Hydrochloride Injection 500MG,Glibenclamide Tablets BP 5MG,Captopril Tablets BP 25MG and Furosmide Injection BP/USP 20MG/2ML Ratnapriya has added.

"These drugs are including the list of 122 Drugs banned by Health Ministry three weeks back citing that they are in low quality .after banning those drugs Ministry Of Health has trying to purchase the 12 drugs mentioned earlier to avoid creating a drug shortage in government hospitals" HSTUA President has pointed out.however the ban imposed on 122 drugs supplied by five indian drug companies temporarily suspended last week by the ministry it self stating they are unable to find a quality drug suppliers in a hurry.

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