Saturday, June 23, 2018




A Female Was Killed Due To A Road Accident At Norwood Area

A female with Psychiatric problem was killed after colliding with a private bus travelling from Hatton to Maskeliya area at Norwood in Hatton-Maskeliya main road this evening(23).

The accident occurred when the female jumped in front of the running bus it has been revealed.The whereabouts of the female not yet been revealed and she was left by a group of persons at Kuda Maskeliya area few days ago according to the residents.

Norwood Police have arrested the Bus driver regarding the accident.

A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Motorcycle-Three Wheeler Collision

A 20 year old Motorcyclist was killed and a pillion  rider was critically injured and hospitalized after the Motorcycle they were travelling colliding with a Three Wheeler at Morakotanchena area in Eravur in Batticaloa-Valachchanei road last night(22).

The two critically injured persons were admitted to the Sandiveli Hospital where the Motorcyclist had succumbed to his injuries.

Transport Activities In Sea side Road From Wellawatta To Colpetty To Be Restricted Tomorrow(24)

Transport activities in the sea side road between Wellawatte to Colpetty will be restricted from 7 a.m to 3 p.m tomorrow(24)to facilitate the National Cycling Championships -2018 scheduled to be held during that period the Police have announced.

Motorists are being advised to use an alternative routes when travelling.


Three Police Teams Have Been Appointed To Arrest Those Who Killed The Rare Leopard

Three Police Teams have been appointed to arrest the suspects who are responsible for attacking and killing a rare species of Leopard at Ambalkulam in Kilinochchi recently it has been announced.

The Police Teams have already began the mission to arrest the suspects who are being identified as belongs to several villages in Ambalkulam.

Many sections of the society are on the view that the villagers should have captured the Rare species of Leopard and hand him over to the Wild Life officers without taking law in to the hands and killing the animal.They have also criticized the way Wild Life officers behaved during the incident without attempting to stop villagers from killing the leopard.

Four Students Attached To A School In Kaduwela Arrested Over Stealing School Computers

Nawahamuwa Police have arrested four G.C.E Ordinary level and Advanced Level students studying at Kaduwela Bomiriya Central Collage over stealing of Computers worth more than Rs.400,000 by breaking in to the Computer Laboratory of their Collage.

The arrested students ,Three Ordinary Level and One Advanced Level  student were ordered to keep at Makola Special Child Detention Center until 25 th of June by the Kaduwela Magistrate Court today(23) after the suspected students produced in court.

The Kaduwela Magistrate has also ordered the authorities to produce a probation report  on the behaviour of the students at the Detention center.


A Senior Immigration -Emigration Official Arrested With 60 Gold Biscuits Was Fined With Rs.3 Million

Airport Customs officers have imposed a fine of Rs.3 Million on the Senior Immigration -Emigration Official who had arrested while attempting to bring 60 Gold Biscuits weighing 06 kilo grammes illegally out of the  Katunayake International
Airport last night(22) .

The suspected official had been questioned over the incident by the Airport Customs  earlier and imposed the fine before releasing him it has been revealed.The stock of Gold Biscuits worth around Rs.36 million and taken in to custody in possession of the suspect had confiscated .

The 50 year old Immigration -Emigration official was arrested at the Departure lounge of the Katunayake Airport.

Kilinochchi Magistrate Has Ordered The Police To Arrest Those Who Are Responsible For The Killing Of A Leopard

Kilinochchi Magistrate Court has yesterday (22)ordered the Police to arrest the suspects those who are responsible for the killing of rare species of Leopard by attacking with clubs and poles at Ambalkulam area in Kilinochchi revently.

The Kilinochchi Magistrate has ordered to arrest the suspects after viewing the video clips of the killing of the Leopard.

Accordingly Kilinochchi Police have identified four suspects who had directly involved in the killing through the video clips available and the Police are currently working on to arrest them it has been revealed.

A group of persons had brutally attacked and killed the Leopard after he had attacked few persons.


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