Thursday, February 13, 2020

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Around 15 School Children' In Ampara District Had Been Hospitalized

Around 15 students attached to a school
in Bandara duwa at Uhana ,Ampara had been hospitalized this morning  (13)due to an allergy condition it has been reported .

The group of students had been admitted to the Senerath pura Hospital in Gonagolla area with faintish feeling and vomitting   .

Authorities are investigating on to find out whether  the  allergy was 'caused due to drinking water or a food item.

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A Major Accident Had Been Prevented When The Compartments Of A Train Moved Backwards And Colliding With A School Bus

A major accident had been prevented
fortunatly this evening  (13)around 2.30 p.m when Compartments of a train transporting fuel to Katunayake Airport had been separated from the engine had  moved backwards and finally stopped after colliding with a school bus crossing the railway crossing at Kolonnawa area .

The Compartments of the fuel Train which parked inside the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation premises at Kolonnawa after transporting fuel to The Airport ,suddenly breakaway from the engine and moved backwards of the railway line it has been reported . in the school bus carrying school children hurt due to the incident according to the reports.

Sri Lanka Railways Department is conducting an inquiry over the incident. 

A Motorcyclist Was Killed Due To A Road Accident

A 35 year old Motorcyclist had been
killed after the High speed Motorcycle he was riding in toppled over the road last night (12)at KilinochchI town according to Police.

The Motorcyclist who was a resident of Krishnapuram in KilinochchI had been killed due to the incident.

KilinochchI Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 

A Fire Erupted In Singimale Mountain Reserve Had Destroyed Three Acres Of Land -Fire Is Under Control Now

Around three acres of land belongs to
Singimale Mountain Reserve at Hatton had been destroyed due to a fire erupted in the reserve since this morning (13)it has been reported .

Hatton Police along with workers attached to Hatton -DiKoya Urban Council, Army officers ,Hatton Wild Life office personal and residents of the area had attempted to control the spreading of the fire since this morning ,But not been able to do so .

However Disaster Management unit has taken steps to.use the Bell -212 Aircraft belonging to Airforce to pour the  water towards the fire spreading in top of the  Singimale  Mountain Reserve and as a result spreading of the fire is being contained according to reports .

The Bell Aircraft had pour the water taken from castlereigh Reservoir on the fire  on few occasions  it has been revealed .

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Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...