Friday, November 11, 2016

Two Were Killed Due To A Motor Cycle-Tipper Truck Collision At Hungama

Two persons were killed following the Motor Cycle they were riding in collided with a Tipper Truck at Pallerota area in Hungama (Southern Province)today (12) according to the Police.

The deceased a 20 year old female and 22 year old male who was the Motor Cycle rider were admitted to the kuttigala hospital in critical condition soon after the accident , but the male rider succumbed to his injuries soon after the admission.The critically injured female was later transfered to Elpitiya Hospital and she has succumbed to her injuries after admission it has been reported.

Police have arrested the Tipper Truck driver regarding the accident.

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Sri Lanka Navy Rescued Seven Local Fishermen In Distress Condition

Sri Lanka Navy personal have rescued seven local fishermen who were in distress condition in a multi day fishing trawler which collided with a merchant Ship off the seas of Galle Harbour yesterday (11).

The Navy Personal brought back the fishermen in distress condition to the Galle Harbour safely.

The multiday fishing trawler "Janatha Putha-2" had collided with the Merchant Ship after went to sea for fishing.

Four Persons Arrested In Vavuniya For ATM Fraud

Vavuniya Police have yesterday (11)arrested four persons over tracing passwords of several ATM users belonging to a state bank and trying to remove their bank account money  through ATM Mechines .

The four suspects arrested have traced the passwords of ATM Cards used by several bank cutomers through a CCTV Camera secretly fixed to a ATM Mechine and attempted to remove the money belonging  to the customers through fake ATM Cards the Vavuniya Police have stated.

Along with the suspects Police have taken into custody a laptop,CCTV Camera ,Mobile Phone and thirteen Sim Cards in possession of them it has been reported.


Eleven Persons Were Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack In Aliyathanne

Eleven persons including three females  were injured and admitted to the Akurana Hospital  due to a wasp attack occured in Alawathugoda,Aliyathanne (In Kandy District)it has been reported.

The injured were later transfered to the Kandy General Hospital from Akurana Hospital for further treatment.

The injured are residents of Alawathugoda,Aliyathanne area according to the police.

A Hand Bomb Was Found In A Box At Electronic Equipment Shop In Vavuniya

A hand bomb was found in a box which contains an electronic equipment sold to  an electronic equipment repair shop in Vavuniya today (11).

The owner of the shop had first seeing the hand bomb after he opened the box it has been reported.Afterwards   the shop owner informed it to the Vavuniya Police and the police officers arrived in and taken into custody the bomb.

Vavuniya Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.

Four Persons Believed To Be "Ava" Crimes Gang Members Had Been Remanded

Colombo  Additional Magistrate  has today (11) remanded four persons believed to be members of the "Ava" crimes gang which terrorizing some parts in Jaffna until 16th of November after  arrested and produced before the court.

Colombo Additional Magistrate has also further remanded the six "Ava" Crimes Gang suspects who were arrested and remanded previously until 16th of November.


Spreading Of Diabetes In Sri Lanka Increased By Five Times During Last Two Years-Director General Of Health Services

The spreading of Diabetes in Sri Lanka is on the increase and during last two years the number of Disbetes patients reported from the country has increased by five times according to the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala.

Addressing a media seminar held at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo this morning on "World Diabetes Day which falls on 14th of November ,Dr.Mahipala has stated that in 1994 only 2% of Sri Lankan population suffered from Diabetes and that number has increased rapidly throughout the last two decades.

Bad food habits ,Smoking,Excessive Consumption of Alcohol,High Sugar Intake,Lack of Excersise have been identified as the main causes for spreading Diabetes in Sri Lanka the Director General of Health Services has stressed.

Obesity among Sri Lankan men and women is on the increase and that too considered as a key factor for spreading Diabetes he said.

Consuming more fresh vegetables/fruits/green leaves/cereals ,avoid consuming fast food and soft drinks,reduce sugar intake,engaging in physical excercises daily and avoiding  consuming of cigarettes and alcohol can reduce spreading Diabetes in the society Dr.Mahipala has further stated.

MInistry Of Finance Introduced Five Hotline Numbers For Public To Get Information On Budget-2017

The Ministry Of Finance has today (11) introduced five Hotline Numbers for public to get more information on the Annual Budget-2017.

The information regarding the Budget can be received in Sinhala,Tamil and English languages by dialling following telephone numbers the Ministry has stated.

The Hotline numbers are-

FIve Indian Kidney Rackateers Escaped From Mirihana Detention Center Arrested In Mannar

Five out of the six Indian Nationals who were escaped from Mirihana Detention Center after were arrested and detained over the kidney transplant racket operated between Sri Lanka and India have been arrested today (11)by the Pesalai Police at Pasalai Beech in Mannar (Northern Province).

The suspects were arrested while they preparing to flee from the island to India illegally through a boat according to the Police,

Police have  launched a search operation to arrest the six Indian Suspects who escaped last Tuesday (08)from the Detention Center managed by the Immigration and Emigration Center  at Mirihana ,Colombo.The Detention Center is used to detain foreigners arrested for offences in Sri Lanka.

The suspects are due to produce before Mannar Magistrate Court.


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