Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sri Lanka Granted It's Air Space For Search Operations On Missing Malaysian Flight

The Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry has today(18) granted overflight clearance to Malaysian authorities for using special search and rescue air crafts to  search on missing Malaysian Flight MH370 -Boeing 777 which has disappeared without a clue on 08th of March .the Malaysian authorities have earlier requested from local Foreign Ministry's permission  to use Sri Lankan Air Space for search operations on Missing Malaysian Flight carried out  by Air Crafts of Malaysia,Australia ,New Zealand and United States.

Responding to the request made by Malaysian Authorities a P-3 Orion  Anti Submarine Plane belongs to United States  has searched on missing flight in west of the Malaysian Peninsula to roughly Sri Lanka a distance of about 1000 linear miles .

Malaysian Authorities have speed up their search operations on the  missing flight in Indian Ocean and Countries located there after they have found a home made plane simulator created  by  Chief Pilot of the Missing flight Captain Zaharie Ahamad Shah which  had five runaways of Air Ports including Sri Lankan Air Port programmed into  it.

The MH370 Flight  was traveling Kuala Lampur to Beijing when it  disappeared last Saturday from civil radars near  Gulf Of Thailand

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