Friday, March 13, 2009

All Ceylon Nurses Union Slams India On Sending Their Nurses For The Mobile Hospital

All Ceylon Nurses Union today slams India on sending a Team Of Nurses for the Mobile Hospital donated to Sri Lanka instead of getting the services of Local Nurses .Local Nurses who are currently involved in treating the IDP'S in the North doing their work well and the Indian Mobile Hospital should get the assistance of our Nurses instead of Indian Nurses who don't even Registered here to take any responsibility on our patients Union Spokesman said.

The location selected for setting up of the Indian Mobile Hospital is too in question and they should have selected the Batticcloe District which is prone to the Dengue Epidemic instead of selecting Pulmuday Area he further added.

Ministry Of Health To Launch A Special Mental Health Programme For IDP'S

Ministry of Health has decided to launch a Special Programme for uplifting the Mental Health of Internal Displaced Persons(IDP'S) who are escaping from the LTTE held area.The aim of this Programme is to help IDP'S to cope with the Traumatic Situation they underwent after seeing killing of their loved ones due to Gun Fire in the War Zone the Deputy Director General Of Health Services(Medical Services-2) Dr.Wimal Jayantha said .

Under this Program me Psychiatrists and Medical Officers who have special training on Mental Health will be send Batch by Batch to IDP'S Camps In North to conduct Counseling Services.

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