Thursday, October 14, 2010

Health Ministry Issues Notices To 9864 Persons Who Maintained Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

During the Islandwide inspections carried out in National Dengue Control Week from 07th to 13th of October Health Ministry has issued notices to 9864 persons who maintained Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places within their premises.Ministry Officials also severely warned 124,299 persons who were maintained Risk factors lead to Dengue Mosquito Breeding Health Ministry said.

During this inspection Ministry officials found 19,525 Dengue Mosquito Lavae Breeding Places.

Males Are Also Among The Sri Lankan Breast Cancer Patients

Despite Female Breast Cancer Patients Male Breast Cancer Patients are also reported from Sri Lanka Oncologists here revealed.According to them around 2000-2500 Female Breast Cancer Patients and around 50 Male Breast Cancer Patients are reported annually.

Females can identify whether they are having a Breast Cancer through a Memmo Gramm Test and Males can identify their status through an Ultra Sound Scan Test Oncology Epidemeologist of the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama Dr. A.Balasuriya said today.According to him Breast Cancer is become the leading Cancer in Sri Lanka and through an early detection it can cured completly he stressed.

A lump,liquid or swallow appeared in a Breast are the main symptoms in Breast Cancer and  people are encouraged to seek a medical treetment as soon as they have witness these symptoms Dr Balasuriya further added.He made these remarks during a Seminar on Breast Cancer held in the Health Education Bureau in Colombo today.

Sri Lanka Achieved A Lot In Socialising Birth Defect Children -IAn ndian Doctor Says

India is far behind Sri Lanka regarding socialising children with birth defects and Sri Lanka and it's media are doing a tremendous ...