Monday, September 2, 2013

Fourteen Day Injunction Order Against Fonterra Has Extended

The 14 day Injunction Order issued by Court of appeal  banning Fontera Brands Sri Lanka Limited on advertising their milk powder products as 100% safe to  be consumed was again extended till 19th of September when court has taken up the case  today (02).the two member Court of appeal judge panel compromising chairman of court S.Skandaraja and Malini Gunaratne have issued the extension order.

An architect reside in Matale District has filed the case against Fonterra early last Month  against the misleading advertising strategy adapted by  Fonterra on their milk powder products although advertising milk powder products were banned by director general of health services at that time due to DCD scare in the country.

During the court proceedings the lawyers representing plaintiff were argued that although fonterra milk powder products still available in the market it has not clear whether they have contained DCD agro chemical or not as the DCD issue is still not yet be settled.

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