Tuesday, January 22, 2019




A Fire Erupted In A Two Storey Building At Veyangoda Had Doused

A Sudden fire erupted in the upper
floor of the Two storey building near the keenawala Railway station in Veyangoda had doused by the fire brigade attached to Gampaha Urban Council this morning  (22).

No casualties had been reported due to the incident.

The authorities believes an Electric leak may have caused the fire .

The  value of the damage occurred due to the fire  has not yet been estimated. 

Commercial Operations Of "Sri Lanka's Tallest Building "NELUM Kulunar "To Commence From March

The Commercial operations of Sri Lanka's tallest and South Asia's second tallest building "NELUM Kuluna "(Lotus  Tower ) is scheduled to commence from this March according to the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission which designed and handled the construction work .

US Dollars 104 .3 million had been spent  for the construction work of the "NELUM kuluna" from which 80 percent had been  contributed by Exaim Bank in China .The name "NELUM Kuluna  (Lotus Tower ) is given to the Tower as it builds of a shape of a Lotus Bud .

The 350 meter high building is currently under the final phase Of construction work  it has been revealed .It is comprising of Offices ,A Restaurant, Canteen ,Laxurious Hotel Rooms,Telecommunication Museum, Conference Halls,Party Halls etc .The tower has seven elevators  .

There are four doors built in the Tower to enter it and two of  them had been allocated for special guests.

Built near the Beira Lake in Colombo it has been  earlier planned to build in Paliyagoda .

Cabinet Has Approved A Proposal TO Pay A Compansation Of Rs.40,000 Per Acre Of Land Destroyed By The "Sena" Catapillar

Cabinet has approved a proposal Pay a
compansation of Rs.40,000 per an Acre of Land to the Fathers whose cultivations had been completely destroyed due to the "Sena" catapillar according to Minister Of Agriculture P.Harrison .

Addressing a Press briefing held at Ministry Of Agriculture in Rajagiriya today  (22)Minister has stressed that Ministry has allocated Rs.118 million to combat the "Sena" Catapillar .

President Sirisena has praised efforts taken by the Agriculture Ministry to combat the catapillar and advised to pay compansation to the farmers who had affected due to the "Sena "menace Minister has stated .

At the moment Agriculture sector is researching to find out a correct method to combat the catapillar and experts have advised farmers to destroy the catapillars by burning to avoid spreading it further. 

Catapillar had damaged "Maize  "cultivation mainly and some vegetable cultivations it has been revealed.

Five Persons Including Three American And Afghan Nationals Had Been Arrested With 90 Kilo Grammes Of Heroin in Possession

Special Police Task Force Personal
along with  Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials have today(22)arrested five persons including three Foreign Nationals and Two locals with around 90 bags containing 90 Kilo Grammes of Heroin in possession at a Laxurious Housing Complex in Colpetty area (Colombo).

The suspects including Two American Nationals and an Afghan national of the ages 43,29 and 41 years and Two Sri Lankans of the ages 41 and 39 years who are residing in Hikkaduwa area had been arrested accordance to an information received by the Police .

One of the Sri Lankan suspects arrested is known as a millionaire Businessman it has been revealed.

The estimated value of the haul of Heroin arrested is more than Rs .1000 million it has been revealed.

Heroin taken in to custody had stored 1 Kilo Gramme each In 90 bags according to Police.

The suspects are due to be produced before the court.


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