Sunday, January 22, 2017


Two Persons Arrested With Fake Currency Notes At Gokarella

Police have arrested two persons at
Malsiripura,Gokarella area with 21 fake Rs.500 ,Rs.1000 and Rs.5000 currency notes in their possession .

Accordingly Police have arrested one suspect with five fake currency notes including a Rs.1000 note and four Rs.500 and Rs.5000 notes and  through the information he has revealed ,arrested the second suspect responsible for printing fake notes at a house in Dambadeniya with 16 fake Rs.500 notes.

Two Teenagers Drowned While Bathing In Udawalawe Reservoir

Two 19 year old teenagers drowned while bathing in
Udawalawe Reservoir last evening (22) it has been reported.

Police have found the body of one of the drowned teenagers last evening and the other body was found by Navy officers this morning(23).

The deceased who were residents of Uduhawupe,Kahawatte area went to Udawalawe Reservoir to bathe with three of their friends 


Two Persons Were Killed Due To Bus-Lorry Collision Occurred On Colombo-Kandy Road

Two persons were killed and more than 30 persons
injured and hospitalized following a Bus -Lorry collision occurred near the pasyala juncion on Colombo-Kandy main road in early hours of this morning (23).

Nittambuwa Police are investigating on the incident.

Browned Toast And Potatoes Are Potential Cancer Risk- Food Scientists


Prices Of Rice In The Local Market Reduced By Rs.2-4

The prices of Rice in the local market have reduced by
two to four rupees following the entering of imported rice to the market according to Hector Kobbakaduwa Agrarian Research And Training Institute.

The price of a kilo gramme of local Nadu rice has also reduced by two rupees the Institute has stated.

Releasing Water To Farmers From Reservoirs Suspended

The department of irrigation has taken steps to

suspend the  releasing of water from reservoirs for farmers after several parts in the island have received rain by yesterday (22).

According to the department several parts in the island have received 15,30 and 4o mili meters of rain during last two days by ending the weeks long drought.

However the amount of rain received to some areas are not sufficient for farming Irrigation department has stated.

Navy Have Arrested Three Local Fishermen For Illegal Fishing

Navy have arrested three local fishermen while involving in illegal
fishing in local seas off Thalaimannar (Northern Province) by using explosives.

Navy have also taken into custody  a Dinghy boat,three  pairs of diving fins ,a monofilament net,four diving masks,eight non electric detonators and
GPS unit.

The arrrsted fishermen and the equipment were handed over to the  director of fisheries in Mannar for further investigations.


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A Person Was Killed In Matara After A Tipper Had Run Over Him

Image result for accident graphicA person was killed at Galbada area on Matara-Hakmana main road(Southern Province) after a Tipper Vehicle had run over him this afternoon(22).

Soon after the accident the angry residents of the area have attacked the Tipper Vehicle and protested over the incident it has been reported.

Police have arrested the driver of This Tipper regarding the accident.

Around Rs.5.7 Million Had Been Stolen From A ATM Of A State Bank

An unidentified persons had stolen around Rs.5.7 Million from a State Bank in Madagama at  Monaragala by breaking the ATM(Automated Teller Machine )of the Bank last Friday(20).

The details on the Bank robbery has been revealed after a owner of the shop nearby the state bank had informed the Bank Management  regarding an images of two suspects indicated in CCTV of the shop this morning.The shop owner have seen the images of the suspects in CCTV after opened the shop for cleaning this morning.

Bank Management informed the Madagama Police on the incident.After been informed the Police have recovered that around Rs.5.7 million out of Rs.9 million deposited in ATM of the bank last Friday had stolen by robbers after changing the CCTV of  the Bank and removed it's recorder.

Bodies Of Three Teenagers Who Went Missing After Drowning In Mahaweli River Recovered

The bodies of the three 13 year old teenagers who went missing last evening after drowning in Mahaweli River while bathing have been found this noon .

Image result for drowningSri Lanka Navy,Police and residents of Dunhinda,Gampola area(Central Province) recovered the three bodies through a joint search operation carried out.

The deceased teenagers have drowned in Mahaweli River at Dunhinda,Gampola area while bathing with two other friends.The teenagers who were in year nine of the school were reported as lying to their family members and had gone to bathe in Mahaweli River.


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