Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sri Lanka's Annual Expenditure On Importing Milk Powder Is Higher Than Importing Drugs For Government Hospitals

Sri Lanka is spending more money for importing Milk Powder  Products annually than importing drugs for government hospitals it has been revealed.according to central bank reports sri lanka has spending Rs.40 billion annually to import milk powder products to the country which is 0.58% of the gross national product of the country.

Milk Powder is second highest consumed food among locals which is second only to the rice according to the reports.after Sugar ,the second highest expenditure has been spend on importing milk powder products .

As milk powder companies have created a mentality among sri lankan society that milk powder will give them necessity nutrition and prevention of diseases majority of the people here are addicted to using milk powder medical specialists said.

 Meanwhile Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has requested the health ministry secretary dr.nihal jayathilake to implement active plan to promote breast feeding among sri lankan mothers.

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