Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Government Declared Four Services As An Essential Services

Sri Lankan Government has declared Water Supply,Ports,Petroleum and Electricity as an Essential Services with effect from Midnight tonight.The Gazette Notification Regarding the Declaration will be issued Midnight today according to Government Sources.This decision was taken after Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Trade Unions have announced that they will continue the In definite Strike action which they launched on last Friday.

The Petroleum Corporation Trade Unions said that during their Employees were involved in Work To Rule Campaign on last Friday Some People were stormed in to the Oil Refinery in Kollonnawa in Colombo District and threatened these Employees.As a Protest against this incident Petroleum Workers Launched an In definite Strike the Unions stressed.
Employees attached to Petroleum,Water Supply,Ports and Electricity launched a three day Work To Rule Campaign on last Wednesday demanding 22 Percent Pay hike.

Presidential Secretary Said That The Retirement Given To General As He Believes Govt.Lost Faith On Him

Sri Lankan Government today said that the Chief Of Defense Staff General Sarath Fonseka was given Retirement immediately as he requested after found that he himself believes that the President and the Government lost faith and trust bestowed upon him.

This text was included in the Formal Letter sent to General Fonseka by the Presidential Secretary Lalith Weerathunge on behalf of President Mahinda Rajapaksha.The letter stated that even after retiring from his post General Fonseka will received an adequate Security commensurate the level of threat.

General Fonseka is due to retired from his Post tomorrow(16)after 40 years of Service.

The full text of the Letter that sent to General Fonseka by the Presidential Secretary are as follows.

“I am directed by His Excellency the President to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 12 November 2009 seeking permission to retire from the Regular Force of the Sri Lanka Army.

I have also been directed by His Excellency the President to inform you that in keeping with your wish to proceed on retirement without further delay as you have already over stayed your date of retirement by four years, you will be retired from the Sri Lanka Army with immediate effect. Consequently, you will cease to hold office as Chief of Defense Staff, also with immediate effect.

This decision has been arrived at having giving anxious consideration to the fact that you yourself believe that H.E. the President and the Government have lost the trust and faith bestowed upon you, as the senior most serving military officer in the country.

I have been further directed to inform you that you will also be provided with adequate security commensurate with the level of threat.

In regard to the numerous statements made by you in your letter under reference and Annex A, I’m directed by His Excellency the President to inform you that a further communication will follow setting out the position of the Government.

Malini Received Another International Award

The Queen of the Sinhala Cinema Malini Fonseka won the Best Actress Award at the Levante International film Festival at Italy yesterday night for her Character Portrayed in the Film "Akasa Kusum".The Film was Directed by the Classical Film Director Prasanna Vitanage.

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