Saturday, December 21, 2019



National Police Commission Has Requested The Acting IGP To Submit A Report Regarding The Arrest Of UNP MP Patali Ranwaka

National Police Commission had
requested the acting Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Chandana Wikramaratna to submit a report regarding the arrest of Former Minister and United National Party(UNP) MP Patali Champika Ranawaka by tomorrow(23).

The request has been made accordamce to a letter sent to the commission by Deputy speaker Ananda Kumarasiri protesting over the arrest of MP Ranawaka by saying the Colombo Crimes Division has not adapted the traditional parliament  procedure which required when arresting a MP

The Commission will reveal it's stand over the arrest after receiving acting IGP's report Police Commission has announced .

Both the Deputy speaker and Speaker Karu Jayasuriya had criticized the way Colombo Crimes Division had adapted to  arrest the MP Ranawaka .

However sevwral MP's and Ministers of Governing Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna Party have justified  the arrest of MP Ranawaka .

Water Level Of Loggal oya Reservoir Reached It's Spill Level After Several Years

The water level of Loggal oya Reservoir located at Badulla-Mahiyanganaya  road reached it's  spill level yeterday (21) after several years due to the continuous heavy showers prevailing in  the area according to sources .

The sluice gates of the Reservoir are located under the bridge which connected to the road and a large number of people flocking to see this rare event since yesterday sources have said .

Due to the adverse weather conditions  prevailing  at present water levels of several reservoirs including Bowathanna and Castlereigh as well as of Parakrama samudraya had reached it's spill level it has been reported.

Transport Activities Of Puttalam -Anuradhapura Road Paralyzed Due To Floods

Transport activities of the Puttalam-
Anutadhapura main road are being paralyzed since this morning (21)due to the heavy floods caused as a result of heavy showers it has been reported .

Around 3 Kilo meter area of the Puttalam-Anuradhapura road is being under water and motorists are being informed to be on alert when traveling in the road.

Navy Life Saving Guards Rescued 32 Persons Trapped Due To Floods

Life saving guards attached to Sri
Lanka Navy had today (21)rescued 32 persons trapped at Ipalogama Grama Seva division in Anuradhapura District due to floods it has been reported .

Accordingly 28 persons trapped in Ipalogama village due to the overflowing  of Kala Wewa(River)and 04 persons trapped in the village due to the overflowing of Ethimale pond had rescued by the Navy Kife saving guards .
Many areas at   Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts are being submerged due to the fkoods caused by heavy showers.

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