Sunday, August 28, 2016

World Health Organization Has Donated Rs.80 Million Worth Medical Supplies To The Health Ministry

Image result for world health organizationThe World Health Organization has last Friday (26) donated a stock of Rs.80 million worth medical supplies equipment including four fully equipped mobile hospitals for the use of patients during emergency disaster situations to the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine.

The donated mobile hospitals are equipped with surgical equipment,hospital furniture and several other equipment which can use when treating patients it has been reported.


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Police Have Detained Three Persons While Illegally Transporting A Stock Of Clay At Pallama Area

Image result for detainedThe pallama (puttalam District)police have detained three persons who had been transporting a stock of clay illegally by three tractors at pallama city today(28).

The suspects had been transporting a stock of clay removed from Daduru Oya valley area where the removal of clay and sand banned by the Supreme Court it has been revealed

The three suspects along with three tractors are due to produced before the Anamaduwa Magistrate Court.

Navy Had Detained Seven Fishermen For Illegal Fishing Activities

Image result for navy sri lankaThe Navy Personal had detained seven fishermen who were engaging in illegal fishing activities by using unauthorized explosives and  banned fishing nets in the seas North of pigeon island it has been reported.

The navy personal had also taken into custody a dinghy,a pair of diving fins and an illegal fishing net along with the suspects the Navy have stated.

The detained fishermen and their equipment have been handed over to the kuchchaweli Police for future course of action.


US Naval Ship "Frank Cable"Due To Arrive In Sri Lanka Tomorrow

Image result for frank cableThe US Naval Ship "Frank Cable" (AS-40)which providing services to Submarines is due to arrive in Colombo Harbor tomorrow (29) to refuel and port visit the United States Embassy in Sri Lanka has announced.

The 500 crew member Ship is the third US  Naval Ship to arrive in Sri Lanka this year it has been reported.Earlier this year US Naval Ships "USS Blue Ridge" and "USS New Orleans" had arrived in Sri Lanka.

Independent Drug Regulatory Authority To Issue The Gazette Notification On Reducing Drug Prices -Health Minister

Image result for drugsThe independent Drug Regulatory Authority is due to issue a Gazette Notification on 31st of August regarding the reducing of drug prices in the local market and afterwards patients will receive the benefit of purchasing good quality drugs for cheaper prices from this September according to Minister Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Minister has stated that he is expecting to reduce the prices of drugs in local market by 85%.However the prices of expensive drugs will be reduced by 10% he has stressed.

Around 4000 varieties of drugs are being imported to Sri Lanka annually and the drug mafia prevailing in the country at present should be removed in the name of Professor Senaka Bibile the pioneer of making the National Drug Policy the  Health Minister has further added

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