Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi Giving Up The Concept Of An Ealam State In Sri Lanka

The Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu M.Karunanidhi said today that establishing an Ealam State in Sri Lanka is not realistic Possibility anymore.He also urged the Tamils in Sri Lanka to work towards achieving Equal Status,Language,Equal Rights which are timely needs of them instead of fighting for an Ealam State.

He also appealed from the Political Parties of Tamil Nadu not to Criticize Sinhalese and caused unnecessary problems to the Tamil Community in the Island.

LTTE Backed TNA MP's To Support Government's Development programmes

Tamil National Alliance(TNA) who are charged as supporting the LTTE during Government's war against them was attending the Development and Reconciliation Committee Meeting for the first time when the Committee met today.Eight TNA members of the Parliament attended the Meeting headed by President Mahinda Rajapaksha.

The Committee was established few days ago and President urged all the political parties to cooperate to find a solution to the Ethnic Problem accepted by all the people.Development and Reconciliation Committee due to meet once a month

Sri Lankan Swine Flu Patients Tally Increased To 20

Sri Lankan Swine Flu Patients Tally is increased to 20 today as another Two patients returned to the Country from Australia are proved positive to the flu.These patients age 8 and 16 got admitted t the Angoda Fever Hospital yesterday and today after they developed Swine Flu Symptoms.

Now there are Six Swine Flu Patients getting treatment at the Hospital.

232 Docs Attached To IDP Camps To Stop Their Services Tomorrow

Around 232 Post Intern Doctors who are recruited to the IDP Camps in the Northern Sri Lanka decided to walk a way from their services tomorrow as a protest of Temporarily Suspending their Post Interns List.Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Athula Kahanda Liyanage Temporarily Suspended the List and till the Authorities taking steps to implementing it the Action will continue according to these Post Interns.

These Doctors are attached to the IDP Camps in the IDP Camps in Vavuniya,Settikulam and Manick Farm Areas since last March after they completed their Internship Training on 04th of February.Although walk away from Normal Services Emergancies will continue as usual they stressed.

Meanwhile when contacted the Deputy Director General (Medical Services 2) Dr.Wimal Jayantha says that the Post Interns List is not suspended but there are certain objections presnted by several Parties regarding this list.

Confusion Between The Government And It;s Allies Over The Implementing Of 13th Amendment

A Party in the Ruling Coalition Jathika Hela Urumaya(National Heritage Party) threaten to pull out from the Government if they are going to implement the muched talk about 13th Amendment of the Sri Lankan Constitution giving wide powers to the Provincial Councils including the Powers of Police and Land.

According to the Hela Urumaya party who are in the view that LTTE can defeeted Militarily and supported President Mahinda Rajapaksha to achieved it says they are opposing the Implementation of the proposed Amendment as it will affect the Soveriegnity of the Island Nation.

Even the Leftist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna(JVP) who also supported the Government towards defeeting LTTE Militarily are on the same view.Posters stating not to Implement the 13th Amendment fully for India's Favour pasted by the JVP are seen throughout Colombo City today.

Meanwhile it has been reported that President Mahinda Rajapaksha made angry remarks over the claims of the Jathika hela Urumaya saying that the Government will go ahead with the Implementation of the Amendment.Sri Lankan Delegation who went to New Delhi too promised their Indian Counterparts over the Implementation of the proposed Amendment.