Saturday, December 20, 2008

Prof.Senaka Bibile Organization Complained That Thirty Six Drugs Were Removed From The Hospitals Due To Quality Failure

Professor Senaka Bibile Commemorative Organization Said yesterday(19) that Thirty Six Drug Items Including the Paracetamole and Doxycycline which is Prescribed for Leptospirosis were Removed from the Government Hospitals Recently by the Medical Supples Division(MSD)due to the Quality Failure.Most of these Drugs were Issued to the Patients and were Expired when the MSD Informed the Hospital Authorities to Remove them Dr.Jayatha Bandara The Secretary of the Organization Said.Addressing a press Briefing in Colombo He Stressed that Large Number of Complaints were Received about the Patients who are Developed Side Effects after getting these Drugs.It is sad to see that the Ministry Of Health Perticuely the Health Minister is Trying to Hide these Facts Despite Holding an Inquiry on this by saying that No Drug was Removed From The Hospital Due To Quality Failure.

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