Monday, December 19, 2011

As Government MP's Assaulted Their MP All UNP Mp's Walked Out From The Parliament

All MP's of the main opposition United National Party(UNP) have walked out from the Parliament Premises this morning following the assault of their MP Range Bandara by some Government MP's during the ongoing Budget Debate.

While MP Bandara make his speech on committee stage of the Budget Debate on  Ministry Of Defense and Urban Development Government MP's continuously interrupted him and when he attempted to continue his speech disregarding the allotted time given to him some Government MP's attacked him according to reports.

Tense Situation Occured At UNP Headquarters Following The Party Elections

A Tense situation had occurred near UNP Headquarters at Sirikotha this evening following the announcement of Party's Election Results which saw large number of party supporters gathered out side Sirikotha broke the wooden gate of the headquarters and tried to invade in to the premisses.The attempt however blocked by the Police Personal who guarded there and dispersed the supporters who   tried get in to the premises.

By showing their displeasure some party supporters thrown stones and  shouted slogans and some were seen hoisted  white flags at the party headquarter premises.Due to the tense situation Police has closed the road between Etul Kotte and Pita Kotte for several hours causing much hardships for passengers.

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinha Has Re Elected As The Pary Leader In A Crucial Ballot-MP Sajith Re Elected As Deputy Leader

The much waited Elections of the main Opposition United National Party(UNP)  to elect a new leader and officials for the year 2012 had ended this evening by re elected the present Party Leader Ranil Wickramasinha by a majority of 42 votes.The Party Elections which was held as  a secret ballot at Party Headquarters in Sirikotha  Etul Kotte saw Party and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinha has contested with Deputy Leader MP Karu Jayasuriya .

At the end Current Leader has received 68 votes while MP Jayasurya received 26 votes.In other results Deputy Leader MP Sajith Premadasa re elected as Deputy Leader of the Party by majority of 08 votes.He had defeated his opponent former National Organizer MP Ravi Karunanayake.MP Premadasa has secured 50 votes while MP Karunanayake has received 42 votes.MP Dayasiri Jayasekera was beaten by Daya Gamage when they have contested for the National Organizer Post.Daya Gamage received 56 votes while MP Jayasekera has received 36 votes.

A large number of Party Supporters were  gathered near UNP Headquarters since this noon to witness the proceedings.

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