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A Few Used Parts Of An Aircraft Have Been Recovered In A former Airman's House

Police have recovered a few parts of an
Aircraft in a house belonging to a former Airforce Officer
  at Alubomulle, Panadura last noon (12).

Police have recovered the few used Aircraft pieces except the engine which were removed from usage and the Airman had sold some parts to outsiders  after modifying them   it has been revealed .Police have launched an investigation over the incident.

A Seven Year Old Boy Was Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wild Elephant Attack

A seven year old school boy was critically injured and
hospitalized due to a Wild Elephant attack in 100 acre
area at Koslanda,Badulle early this morning (12).

The student was admitted to the Badulle General
Hospital for treatment.The injured stident was attacked by the Wild Elephant while walking towards the Koslanda Nikapotha school it has been reported,.

The injured  boy is due to under go a neuro surgery as a result of receiving  severe injuries to the head.

Complaints Are Pouring In To Human Rights Commission Against Blockage Of Social Media Sites And Apps

Complaints are pouring in to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka from some  social
activists,Social Media Site users ,Lawyers,Journalists and Civil Organizations by stating that the temporary blockage of Social Media sites and Apps caused damage to their business and social activities and violated freedom of expression it has been reported.

Some organizations including Young Journalists Association and National Collective of Lawyers Unions had already filed complaints against the Blockage of Social Media Sites and Apps at the Commission,

The Complaints have stated that due to the blockage of Social Media Sites including Facebook,Imo,Instagram and Apps like Whats App and Viber the freedom of expression and right to information guaranteed under the Sri Lankan Constitution have been violated.

However most common people have not opposed the government's move on blocking Social Media Sites and Apps and some says atleast school children will now  realize that there is a real world outside the  imaginary Social Media sites .


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Government Demands Facebook Company To Remove Pages On Racism And Harmful Content To Remove Temporary Blockage Of Facebook In Sri Lanka

Government will remove the
temporary blockage of Social Media Site Facebook only  after  the Facebook Company remove those pages encouraging racism and threat to the National Security in Sri Lanka according to the Minister Of Foreign Employment,Telecommunication  and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando.

Government is awaiting the response of Facebook Company to the demand of Sri Lankan government he has stressed.

Meanwhile a meeting was held today in Colombo to review regarding removing of the temporary blockage of Social Media Sites including Facebook and Apps under the patronage of President's Secretary Austin Fernando, However a decision has not been taken to remove the blockage at the meeting it has been revealed.

Fishermen And Navy Personal Have Been Advised Not To Go To Sea Today And Tomorrow

As seas around the island may become
rough due to the law pressure area developing near the island ,Authorities have requested the fishermen and Naval Officers to avoid going to the sea today (12) and tomorrow (13).

Those Fisheries trawlers carrying Fishermen  already went to sea have removedone from ten dangerous sea zone it has been revealed.

Eastern part of the island due to receive heavy rainfall according to the Met Department .


Kathmandu airport crash: At least 40 dead as US-Bangla plane veers off runway


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Eight Out Of Ten Sluice Gates Of The Parakrama Tank Opened Due To Rainy Weather

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Eight  out of Ten Sluice Gates attached to the Parakrama Sanudraya(Tank) have been opened this noon(12) due to the Water level reached spill level in the Tank  following the   rainy  Weather prevails in the area.

Irrigation Department has requested the People living on the Banks of Mahaweli River to be vigilant over floods may have occur  due to this situation.

As the water of the Parakrama Tank  will release to Mahaweli River through Amban River ,People should be vigilant when using the water of  Mahaweli River the Department has stressed.

A Person Was Killed After Colliding With An Intercity Express Train

Image result for suicideAn unidentified 55 year old person was killed after colliding with Colombo-Kandy Intercity Express Train at Train Station in Magalegoda,Veyangoda this morning(12).

Veyangoda Police which investigating over the death is seeking public support to identify the identity of the deceased.

A Wooden Lion Face Was Recovered In Water Pond Of "Sigiriya"

Image result for lion foot in sigiriyaA Wooden Lion Face was recovered in a Water Pond (Diya Agala) surrounded by the historical "Sigiriya " Rock during the Archeological EXCAVATIONS according to the Director General of Central Cultural Fund Professor Prishantha Gunawardena.

Due to the new finding the Lion Paw in Sigiriya  now believes to be made from Wood Professor Gunawardena has stated.

During Excavations an Island with a Building too have found near the Water Pond and the Building believes to be built by King Kasyapa as a Security Center it has been revealed.

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Another School Boy Was Arrested And Remanded Over Posting Racist And Hatred Posts In FB

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Colombo Chief Magistrate has today(12) remanded a 18 year old School Boy attached to a Major School in Colombo who had arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) last week over posting racist and hatred posts in Facebook which can  damage   the harmony among Communities,until 26th of March .

The student was remanded after being produced before the Colombo Chief Magistrate Lal Ranasinghe today .

Another two School Boys who were arrested by CID have been sent to the Makola Youth Detention Center until 22nd of March by the Colombo Chief Magistrate yesterday over posting and sharing racist and hatred posts and comments in Facebook Pages.

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