Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Hundred Ninety Two People Now Reported As Missing Due To the Land Slide In Haldummula-Badulle.-Still No Survivors Found

According to the Disaster Management Center(DMC) around 192 people reported as missing due to the land slide occurred in Haldummala ,Badulle yesterday while rescue operations still underway rescue those who have missed with the assistance of Army,Police and Rescue Teams of National Building Organization(NBRO).

The rescue operations looking for the survivors who have believed to be trapped under the rubble of the land slide site have been suspended yesterday evening due to the heavy rain fall reported from the area and it was re launched from this morning the DMC has said,However still no survivors have been traced through the rescue operations it has been revealed.

Meanwhile due to the adverse weather condition in Badulle District The Air Force has deployed two helicopters the Bell-212 and M-17 at Nuwaraeliya and Ratmalana Domestic Air Port to be used under an emergency situation.

President Mahinda Rajapajkhsa has been visited the land slide site this morning to view the disaster occurred and instructed the authorities to provide every assistance for the people who lost their families and houses.He has also ordered the National Child Protection Authority(NCPA) to look after the needs of the children who are affected due to the landslide,

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