Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Health Ministry Is Planning To Buy Expensive"Oncasper" Injection Vials From An Expensive Supplier

Under the guidance of Health Ministry Media Unit official Health Authorities are planning to purchase the  expensive "Oncasper"Injection Vials prescribe  for  child cancer patients at Cancer Hospital, Maharagama from  a fraudulent drug company  Markss Health Care Services Private Limited by Rs.400,000 per vial which is  Rs.200,000 more then the vials of said injection purchased from previous supplier Onmax drug company health sources revealed,

To enable the purchasing of "Oncasper" Injection Vials from the fraudulent drug company the said Media Official of the Health Ministry has guided  health authorities to suspend the previous injection  supplier  by falsely branding them as involved in a drug scam at Cancer Hospital sources said.

A huge sum of commissions too involved when  purchasing of the injection vials from  fraudulent drug company and already a sum of Rs.125,000 has been transferred in to the private bank account of  said official by the drug company health ministry sources added.however after leaking the information on this deal the said official has suspended that account sources further said.

Meanwhile the National Drug Authority has given registration to the fraudulent drug company on 08th of November under one day service with the view of purchasing "Oncasper " injection vials from them.however the oncologist attach to Maharagama,Cancer Hospital who is representing Technical Evaluation Committee has refused to accept the said company as new supplier of "Oncasper" injection vials of the Cancer Hospital as their prices are higher as well as the quality of the vials are questionable.