Monday, November 6, 2017

Eight Suspects Except Ninth Suspect MP Hirunika Premachandre Accepted Charges Leveled Against Them On Abduction Case

Eight suspects out of nine except United Peoples
Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP Hirunika Premachandre who charged of abduction and assaulting of a youth in Dematagoda on 21st of December 2015 had yesterday (06)accepted the charges against them before Colombo High Court.

Accordingly the eight suspects had accepted the 29 charges leveled against them over the abduction case.

The Attorney General had filed a case against MP Hirunika Premachandre and eight of her aides over abducting and assaulting of a youth resident of Gothatuwa at Dematagoda area in 2015.A Defender belongs to MP Premachandre was used for the abduction it has been revealed.

The lawyer representing behalf of MP Hirunika Premachandre has informed the court that his client will not accept the charges leveled on her regarding the case and requested a date to hear the case  against her.

Court is due to announce the punishments of eight suspects who had accepted their charges on 24th of November.

Four Suspects Including Former Litro Gas Chairman Remanded Over Money Laundering Released On Conditional Bail

Colombo Fort Magistrate Had yesterday (06)released
four suspects including former chairman of Litro Gas company Shaleela Munasinghe who were arrested and remanded over transferring a large sum of money from a far eastern international bank of Taiwan to a personal account here ,on strict conditional bail.

Accordingly the suspects who have been charged overvmoney laundering were released on a cash bail of Rs.50,000 and three personal bails of Rs.500,000 each.

Colombo Fort Magistrate lanka jayaratne has ordered the suspects to support the investigations launched by Criminal Investigations Department over the money laundering case they were involved in and banned them going abroad without court's permission.

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A 14 Year Old Boy Had Disappeared While Bathing In Kudaoya

A 14 year old boy had disappeared after getting caught
to a current while bathing in Kudaoya in Narammala area .

The disappeared boy who has been identified as a resident of Muthugala,Dambadeniya area had faced this incident while bathing with two other persons it has been revealed.

Sri Lanka Navy divers along with the  residents of the area have launched a rescue operation in search of the disappeared boy.

Current Island Wide Petrol Shortage Will End By Thursday-Petroleum Minister Arjuna Ranathunge

The current petrol shortage experienced throughout
thr island will end by this Thursday (09) after a fuel carrier arriving in Colombo Harbor according to Petroleum Resources Minister Arjuna Ranathunge.

The Fuel carrier scheduled to be arrived in Colombo Harbor on Thursday will carry 7500 metric tonnes petrol belongs to 95 catagory and 32,500 metric tonnes of Petrol belongs to 92 catagory the Minister has stated.

A long Fuel queues have been seen in Oil filling stations throughout the island today (06)as well as Three wheelers,Motorcycles and other vehicles joined queues in front of Ceylon petroleum corporation owned Oil filling stations and Indian oil company owned Oil filling stations to get petrol for the vehicles.

Meanwhile some stations had exhibited  boards by noon  stating that petrol stocks owned by them have been finished .

Five Fathers Of Medical Students Had Launched A Death Fast Campaign

Five fathers of government Medical students had
launched a continuous  death fast this evening (06)in front of University Grants Commission (UGC) building in ward place colombo -07 by demanding reasonable solution for SAITM crisis.

Medical Students Parents Association has organized this death fast.It will be held according to Internatio nal Standerd according to the Association.

Although government has provided solutions for the SAITM crisis few organizations including Medical Students Parents Association ,Medical Faculty Students Action Committee,Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) and Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) still wants to SAITM (Malabe Private Medical Collage )to be abolished.

GMOA recently praised the solutions provided by government but still not request to suspend the class boycot launched by the Medical students since this January and the Medical Faculty lecturers .


79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...