Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tamil Political Parties To Contest Local Government Elections Under Common Symbol

Tamil Political Parties in Sri Lanka are tying to form an alliance under a common symbol to contest the forthcoming local government elections.According to the General Secretary of the Tamil National Liberation Alliance(TNLA) MP M.K Sivajilingam Tamil Political Parties like PLOTE,TULF and EPRLF(Pathmanabha Faction) already agreed to form an alliance.

Ministry Of Health Delayed Charging A Treatment Fee For Alcohol Related Illnesses

Although the Ministry Of Health has declared last year that the treatment fee is charged from the patients admitted to State Hospitals to take treatment for Alcohol Related illnesses with effect from 01st of January this year still the Health Authorities not directed  the Hospital Authorities to implement it.

Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has clearly stated during a function in Kandy last year that A treatment fee will charged from the patients seeking treatment for Alcohol related illnesses from this January,Instead of giving an exact date to implement this plan Ministry Of Health has said that this plan will implement within this month.

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