Friday, August 22, 2014

College Of Dermatologists To Publish the List Of Names Of Recognized Dermatologists

The College Of Dermatologists Sri Lanka  planning to publish the list of Names of the recognized Dermatologists currently practicing in Sri Lanka both government and private sectors for the benefit of patients who are seeking treatment for skin,hair and cosmetic problems.Due to not having a specialists registry in Sri Lanka ,people are not able to find out on  the qualified Dermatologists available  here according to the Dr.Mrs.Indira Kahawita the secretary of the College Of Sri Lankan Dermatologists.

As majority of Beauty Parlors in the country also illegally providing the skin,hair and cosmetic care services to their customers which should only performs by dermatologists ,a need arise to educate people on this situation Dr.Kahawita has said.

There are around 70 Dermatologists attach to Government Hospitals and few qualified Dermatologists in private sector too she has stressed.The details of the list of duties of dermatologists here can be obtained through the web site of the college of dermatologists www.

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