Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Avian Flu Fear In North Western Province

A tense situation occurred amongst public today (01) when the Health Officials in Bingiriya  Area (in North Western Province)had  announced that some host Chickens  in a Poultry Farm of the area were reported as dead due to  a mysterious disease suspected as Avian Flu (Bird Flu)Even the Epidemiology Unit has sent two Medical Teams to the area to probe on this matter.

However after checked the Chickens  in   relevant Poultry Farm Both the Health Ministry and Department Of Animal Production and Health officials  have confirmed  later today that those dead Chickens  were not affected with H5N1 Avian Flu but with another flu.The Department Of Animal Production and Health has stated that following the report on  deaths of Chicken, international procedure was adapted to deal with the situation and samples were sent to the World  Organization For Animal Health in UK which confirmed that samples were cleared from Avian Flu.

However due to the fear spread on spreading of Avian Flu ,The Department Of Animal Production And Health has taken steps to destroy 6000 Chickens in the suspected Poultry Farm in Bingiriya what the officials said as a precautionary measure.

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